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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mechwarrior Online: A New Dawn as Transverse Farts

Well we have a LOT to cover over the last month plus so let us get to stepping, shall we?

(I want to play more Wasteland 2 dammit!)

 Hooray we can make units!  So now groups of people can have the MMORPG equivalent of Guilds with chats and the like.

While this is nice, this last August patch wasn't blowing one away.  It is a start though, right?

It is helpful as opposed to just a massive friend list and off game organization as we in the Word of Lowtax have had to follow.  And we even have COOL BROS who sometimes play with us!

 A couple new hero mechs in early September and some AMS/ECM toggle.  Plus public in match chat is turned off as a standard.  Because some of us are mean.  Or the rest of you are sick of those losers who think BACON is hilarious.

 A couple more Clan mechs are now available for something other than real life money.  And we have a bunch of different module types now.  Which can be useful but is really more of a money sink.  (Taking an Inner Sphere AC20 from 270 range to 297 for 3 million C Bills and around 3,000 GXP can be little else really.)

 The newest map is AMAZING.  The Mining Collective.  (In game shots will be below.)  Also the Mad Dog, aka THE VULTURE is now up in the game for people.

 The biggest and scariest mech in the game the Dire Wolf (Daishi) is now available for 20 MILLION C Bills.  You normally make around 70 thousand C Bills a match, and some consumables in match reduce this to like 20-30.  The only down side is like all Clan mechs and many things are locked in place and you cannot change some parts, mostly just weapons and heat sinks.

Oh yeah, and colors for names in game chat.  So you know who are opponents, lance, and team.  Wee.  And Clan LRMs are reduced a little bit in making you have a headache as half the enemy spams hundreds of missiles at the first sucker to stick their head out.

And more bug fixes.  

And now we get goodies for being long term or loyal players.  In spite of this game doing everything BUT endearing itself to fans.  Also it was a way to get people to play more to get goodies.

 As I only dropped 15 dollars due to guilt of getting free robot quasi fun (most of the fun was playing with the alcoholics and druggies that ARE the Word of Lowtax honestly), I won't be getting most of these.  I am totally jealous of people who get the King Crab though.  Not enough to spend money however.

See player retention has been a big problem given all the missed deadlines, failed promises, and ever sucking metagame.

So they really HAD to do something.

 But more PAY TO GET virtual robots are not really the way to do things but the player base seemingly has more money than sense of course.

 I am not happy about Free to Play (F2P) schemes as I posted here.

 We have also had two weekend challenges to encourage more play because lots of folks gave up or got sick of it all.  Sadly the Premium Time activates the second you complete that Tier which means in getting SIX days of Premium Time (Which roughly adds 40K extra C Bills a match for me.  I haven't liked the Clan Nova or the Battlemaster which were the last new mechs I tried and wasted gobs of C Bills on.  So no XP bonus help for me really.) I am really only getting 3-4 hours of playtime out of it.  You really should be allowed to activate the reward when you choose to or only having a lesser set of hours that are only in use when you are actively playing.

Again, it is more a way to get more people playing.  It is sort of like a Casino and getting people to stay and gamble and spend more money, and by being active getting other people to do the same.

 Look at all those C Bill sucking Weapon Modules!  

 Targeting Computers, Command Consoles, and Beagle Probes allow for improved zoom features and the like.  Why have 2x zoom when you can have 2.24 provided you have the space and weight for it?

 Just a picture of a gorgeous Dire Wolf.

 If you have the cash you can see and set up custom games for you and your friends.  Its kind of a pain in the ass really.

 My cupcake goodie! It even has lovely fire effect on the candle.  Pinkie Pie must have found it first as it has a bite taken out of it.

 Our new map is GREAT.  It looks lovely and has plenty of places to get into awesome close quarters duels while not punishing long range units.  Except unlike Alpine Peaks it actually helps "brawlers" like myself who like getting into near point blank range and fighting it out like a manly man of manly manliness.

 Oddly enough playing without the Word of Lowtax is when I have my best games.  I don't know if it is just because groups are composed of better players so we get more serious play comprised of people ok with being boring and dull provided it is game winning or that I am generally better than I think I am.  It is more or less the former I think because I am not so good at Mechwarrior Online.

 Six kills.  One Heavy Mech.  Fifteen shots a gun.  I felt like Al Bundy I did.  

 The color and environment on this map is just SO GOOD.

The full level map.

I am not exactly sure when the I toggle started showing player names and their locations but it sure is nice!

And Conquest mode points.

And the Drop Preparation info page.  

And one final shot of my new favorite map, showing a couple vehicles we sadly cannot damage or anything.

 A pair of Mad Dog beauty shots.  The Vulture looks excellent in this game.

 An in cockpit shot, showing some speakers that make sounds when you get a kill and a very creepy cockpit bobbler.

 Speaking of lovely paint jobs here is a boss hero Jagermech.  Appropriate for the Halloween season!

But this was what put a fire back into PGI.  Their new game, Transverse.  Well, this was 2-3 weeks ago, like a day or two after their site went live.

Shall we check on them today?

Well they dropped their goal to 500 thousand.  And still have a whopping 11 thousand dollars only.  They have basically failed.  Their audience both doesn't care about a new game, and are utterly soured at the failed promises of MWO.

So now they don't have a backup plan.  It is DO OR DIE time from MWO.  They claim to now have a set date of December 21st for major Community Warfare mechanics to go live.

Given their current history I won't say I am going to hold my breath.

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