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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Behold! Ogre on Heroscape!

I like doing battle reports, but writing out long stupid spiels of text nobody really reads is pointless, and pictures do a much better job.

Here is a record of my game played today on Heroscape terrain with 3 people who have never played Ogre before. They all liked it.

Why? Cuz I am awesome. My Gingerbread House Battletech fight was awesome, and so is this not so bizarre fight of Ogre with some house rules to play on Heroscape terrain.

(If my other reports all using this stuff haven't made it clear, I BLOODY LOVE HEROSCAPE TERRAIN.)

Ogre is alive, even if its just me pimping it!
And getting a desire to buy lots of tiny tanks...

The problem is I then went to look at my next Ogre purchases, and this is the list:

That's a lot of stuff. I need a head check I think.

Welcome to my blog. Expect lots of pointless battle reports like this. Some are even amusing!

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