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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Trip Report: Sarge's Comics in New London

Its a Wednesday, so sometimes I drive down in hopes of getting in a game or two of Warhammer 40K. No game this week, but it was an interesting trip.

One short game of 40K happened, and 2 guys played a pair of Cygnar on Cygnar Warmachine fights.

However my friend Drew showed up, looking to buy some stuff for his Warhammer Vampire Counts force. Some time was spent picking things out and getting him some initial units. He ended up selecting a Skeleton regiment box, and 2 blisters of Batswarms. With an extra large base from me, that will give him a full sized unit of the yapping beasties.

After he left, the shop owner was inspired by the help myself and other folks there were giving him and let us rummage through old GW blisters.


I selected 10 blisters of Dire Wolves for Drew, in the hope he wants them. Itll give him a full unit of the wolves. In the event he doesn't want them, I will convert them over to Goblin Wolf Riders for myself.

For myself, I selected a Troll for my Orc and Goblin force, now giving me 3 of them. Also picked up a pack of Night Goblin Fanatics. 4.50 for metals vs the current price of 15? Yes thank you! For my 40K Chaos Marine army I grabbed Typhus, Herald of Nurgle, who will be my Nurgle Terminator Psyker Stefan.

I put back Jain Zar and a few packs of Eldar Harlequins. Nice figures to have, but my Elite and HQ choices in my Eldar army are overflowing to begin with. I could have bought twice as much EASY. Still I saved about 75 bucks. One guy saved 40, another saved 150. Not sure about the fourth dude. You can say we took advantage of the deal I guess.

I might take advantage of more deals next week. Depends on cashflow.

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