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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tuesday and Wednesday game reports

Tuesday we started up a game of Twilight Imperium, 3rd edition. So far its not too shabby of a game, though its got some of the usual WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING FFG?! quirks that Fantasy Flight Games' products all seem to have. (At least my 2 other experiences with their games (Doom, World of Warcraft) have anyhow..)

Largely Twilight Imperium is like the computer game Master of Orion 2, only in a simpler boardgame form. You still have alien races (I got the Turtle People! I will now never play any other race in the game. I don't care! SPACE TURTLE PEOPLE!!), technology to research, planets to colonize, other civilizations to politic and trade with, and of course, spaceships blowing each other up.

As we have left it set up on my new Ping Pong table cover (a bit bigger than 2 card tables pushed together. Well worth 25 bucks on clearance at Walmart.), it can hold until the second week of January when we can pick it back up again. Took too long to set up to stop now. TURTLE LAND WILL BE COMPLETE DAMN YOU!!!

Wednesday was another mostly wasted trip to Sarge's Comics. None of the regular 40K players showed up, just a couple people playing a game of Warmachine. I did get the WoW CCG Molten Core raid deck for 10 bucks on clearance, an old SPI wargame called Freedom in the Galaxy used for 4.50, and Steve Jackson Games' Dino Hunt expansion/standalone for 10 dollars.

Not too bad of a haul. Went to Target afterwards to do some necessities shopping and picked up the Cowboys and Samurai pack of Heroscape. Considering I have never seen blisters of that set in retail before, its nice to finally have gotten one of them.

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