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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On multiple game systems..

I like learning new systems. I like learning new things. And unlike most of my schooling it can actually be a fun experience instead of one based on having my self esteem stomped on and having nightmares I am gonna fail something and have my mom flip out on me over it.

Its learning for the sheer JOY of learning something new. The sheer level of KICK ASS ideas that come to my brain when reading a new rulesbook, or even just learning about a new system. Of course my wallet tends to scream in pain, but I am a cheapskate so it mitigates that to a degree.

Its probably also why I tend to loathe new editions. If it already rocks, it can only go downhill. And it already is probably what I want. If it sucks, I might not care in the first place. If the first edition was a beta test I may not exactly be enthusiastic about playing Russian Roulette with my bank account a second time. Not to mention if I never got to run the previous version (hiya Paranoia 2nd edition and Runequest 3rd!) what makes anyone think a new edition will change anything.

I would much rather have a new experience, a new world, new characters to fall in love with rather than having say, THE BATTLE OF MACRAGGE repeated for the umpteenth time.

It also doesn't help that every monogame player I have run into over the years has generally been a tremendous douche, making their game of choice probably suckier than it actually is.

I understand people don't have a lot of time or money, and some folks like various games the way they like a certain worn in pair of shoes. I just find them to be.. well BORING. Unadventurous types who lack that "spark" that drives me to games.. hell to the entire genre of geeky goodness that gets so many people looked down on for no good reason. And most of their games, especially in the RPG genre tend to be the same uninspired drivel and tropes I doubt I found exciting the first time I ran into them, and certainly not the dozenth.

One Chocolate cookie is wonderful. But that's not all I want to eat. Gimme some Thin Mints, or a Vanilla Wafer, maybe an Oreo or a yummy homemade with love Sugar cookie.

I'll get back to the Chocolate eventually. And by that point I can fall in love with it all over again.

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