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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday, Tuesday, and Wednesday game reports!

This Thursday was no gaming, and next Tuesday looks to be no gaming, and the actual game reports are so short it can be compiled into one teeny little update!

THURSDAY: No actual tabletop gaming happened. Pico got his economic stimulus check and bought Rock Band. We named our group "Furioso" after the Blood Angels dreadnought, and proceeded to play it instead. Our characters look too neato after customization to the point I want to run them in some sort of RPG campaign, probably one involving ROCKING OUT. I just need to find the right fashion term for my Bassist. She sort of has the "Gothic Lolita" look going on, but its not that gothy, and the whole term lolita is tinged with 100 pounds of creepy in a 10 pound bag. Its not really Victorian or Steampunkish, but its got a tinge of it in there. Maybe I can get a photo of her and someone can give me a better term. She looks totally awesome though.

TUESDAY: A short Car Wars scenario, with the usual Tuesday suspects. 9IN and Rufus lost tires while interfering with an undercover cop being chased by a crimelord. We sort of shot at the wrong target since radio communication was a no go. Luckily the cop survived, the crook took a spin off the pier, and newschoppers got the whole thing on video. Rufus continued his loudmouthed tirades against evil, either going to be interviewed by the TV station, or sending an editorial to the newspaper. Justice will be done. That or every 2 bit crook where we are at is gonna be after our butts because Rufus keeps talking smack about them.

WEDNESDAY: A 3 way 750 point 40K game where it was mostly sit and shoot for my Chaos boys, causing a decent amount of antitank damage to an Ultramarines Land Raider, and making a Slaaneshi Chaos Lord go poof. Kind of a dumb game, but mildly amusing. Followed up by a little Magic play and some conversation. At least I bought some more comics trades to bring myself closer and close to having all my stuff current. But given I collect around 20 series in trades this is a rather difficult feat and will never totally happen. Even if I could afford it. (For the record it was Oh My Goddess Volume 8, Ultimate X Men Volume 17, and Girl Genius Volume 4. I passed on Ultimates 2 volume 2 for another time as it will finish off that series for me. Utimates 3 is a complete trainwreck no sane person would ever want to read. Nice to know Marvel wants to make the Ultimate universe suck as hard as the regular one. Saves me money anyhow...)

So not the greatest week and a half of tabletop gaming. Not the worst either mind you. It gives me more time to not figure out which RPG I will run next and for what group. I'm roughly undecided between Mekton 2 and DC Heroes, with D6 System coming in a semi close third.

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