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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My AD&D 2nd House Rules Part 6 - Combat Part 3

My descent into needless minutae and silliness CONTINUES...


Almost at the end! Just a little on encounters, Initiative, and probably unarmed combat (which is gonna be super simple).

There have been some comments where I attention whor... I mean also posted my house rules that the combat section is overdetailed, and a little bit anal really. Which I can understand. But as I come from as much RPGing as I do tabletop wargaming, covering the major situations and having a little crunch to sink my tactical teeth in is something I am used to and have come to expect, especially given some of the more powergamey of people I have played with and against over the years.

But this did cause me to ultrastreamline cover and terrain and area effect spells/attacks more than I already planned. But to save time I did Power Stunts and Attribute Checks as pure text. Which means less chances for silly jokes though. Oh well, there is always the final section for that, right?

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