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Friday, October 3, 2008

General Stuff and Updates

Its been a bit since I have updated. Some content I have for the blog is currently being used as a contest entry over at aliveandoutofprint.org so it and its follow up comics (yes me and my gaming comics again!) will be held off or delayed in creation till the contest is over. Ill probably start the follow up work next week though.

But I have been able to take advantage of some nice sales the last few weeks to get more gaming stuff cheap.

Sarge's had 3 books for 10 dollars so a rummage through their pile and came out with one must have, and 2 acceptable supplemental items to get.

The original Mongoose publishing update to Runequest core rulesbook was my must have. For 3.33 I can now cheaply see if Mongoose improved upon the first RPG I ever bought, though one I have never had the pleasure of actually playing. The two other products were Delta Green for Cthulhu Live, mostly bought because I like Delta Green and Cthulhu, and the rulebook for Reaper's Warlord miniatures game, more just for pretty miniatures pictures and maybe some ideas I can mine for other games and campaigns.

But the BIG game sale happened this week at Arkham Asylum. 50% off. EVERYTHING IN STORE. A 3 day anniversary sale. Sadly (or luckily for my ever growing fiscal responsibility..) I had to limit what I bought. For gaming related things I got The Battle for Black Reach Warhammer 40K 5th edition starter with its essential new rulesbook, and the current Heroscape starter set.

Both sets I have been hemming and hawing over buying, and it looks like my holding off has paid off for once to the tune of 50 dollars in savings. Nice! The Orks in the Black Reach set are really gorgeous to behold and will gladly join my existing army.

At Borders I took advantage of a 30% off coupon to get a 20 dollar boxed set of 5 11-13 dollar Dungeon Crawl Classics modules for 14 dollars. It has caused me to change my original plans for a Tunnels & Trolls campaign to one using these modules. Every day I write down what changes need to be made to fit my campaign and my original gameworld that I first came up with back in 88-89 or so. I don't have my original or later updated maps and information on it so I am rebuilding it from the top, taking these modules into mind for town and terrain placement.

I am using VMWare's Fusion which allows various old operating systems to be run as a virtual machine/hard drive on an Intel Mac without needing a partition or anything similar. This allows more of my old games to become playable once more, and allows me to use my favorite RPG mapping program which was on the old AD&D Core Rules 2.0 CDROM. In 30 minutes I had the basics of one of my world's continents made up:


Not too shabby for such a short amount of work! It needs some more naming and a touch more detail here and there, but its a good start.

Characters for the campaign have been created, with MagicDrew and Starfury both making a pair of characters. It looks like 9IN is probably done with Tuesdays though. It took a little more time to create characters than I thought it would, but I think they were overthinking the game a bit, though it started to click the more I explained.

But they are ready to go for next week and the first module is mostly converted over, but given T&T's simplicity, its more a read through and some notes than anything I really HAVE to have done.

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