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Monday, October 27, 2008

My AD&D 1st ed Character: LET ME SHOW YOU HER

Over at Alive and Out of Print . org they are doing a Play By Post game of the classic Against the Giants series. I am joining in, taking one of the pregens and making it my own. I chose the first of the 2 Clerics and turned him into the following:

(She sort of looks like that. The picture is Rally Vincent from Gunsmith Cats)

Sister Marimae Flanaghan (Aka: Sister Mary Facesmasher)
Human Female Cleric of Sigmar
Lawful Good
Age: 31 Height: 5' 8" Weight 143 lbs.

STR 16, INT 10, WIS 18, DEX 12, CON 16, CHA 17
72 HP
AC -2, 0 Shieldless, 10 Unarmored
THACO 14, 12 with +2 Mace
Damage to S or M is 1d6+3 (2 for +2 Mace, +1 for STR 16)

1 2 3 4 5 6
7 6 5 4 2 1

Mace +2, Plate Mail +2, Shield +2, 2 Potions of Invisibility, Potion of Diminution, 2 Potions of Extra Healing

Backstory: Mary grew up on a different world than that which contains the lands of Greyhawk. A land with endless wars against the Undead, Orks, and the other dimensional forces of Chaos. It is on this world that she became a priestess of Sigmar, a god of justice and warfare, ascended from humanity. She was mostly tasked with teaching orphans and had little chance to go out in the field. However she became infamous for believing in the old adage of "Spare the rod and spoil the child".

Her students tended to be rather well behaved, even for orphans growing up under religious doctrination. (Many will grow up to be Witch Hunters, Inquisitors, or more fantatical Warpriests because of this...) With her reputation one of the senior priests decided he would prefer her to punish him for his sins. Because he was a VERY naughty boy.

Needless to say, Mary ran the hell out of there, collected her meager belongings, and decided to travel the world, which lead her into a portal bringing her to the Free City of Greyhawk. There she found her calling at putting large blunt objects through the faces of monsters, criminals, and anyone else who was an enemy of justice and peace. She became a freelance cleric connected to the St Cuthbert order which she considers to pretty much be Sigmar by another name anyhow.

After a few years of travelling and adventuring she decided it was time to settle down and start up a church of her own in some out of the way town with funds she had collected while cleansing the land of heretics and monsters. Life was fine except for one thing. One of the workers hired to build her church, a half orc named Geal. (LN Commoner) She was enjoying his hard sweaty work a little too much, and jumping into a nearby lake and small waterfall to pray away her feelings was working less and less each day.

Thus with little more than some money left to have her church finished and a note to the workers to finish and how to get some other priests to take care of it, she left to travel again, working out her (in her mind anyhow!) filthy thoughts by hitting more evil things in the face with blunt objects.

Quote: "Evil cannot speak it's blasphemies when it's jaw is crushed."

L1 (5 spells at level 10)
Cure Light Wounds x 4, Detect Magic

L2 (5 spells at level 10)
Silence 15 radius X 2, Find Traps, Slow Poison x 2

L3 (4 Spells at level 10)
Prayer x 2, Dispel Magic, Speak With the Dead

L4 (4 Spells at level 10)
Protection from Evil 10 Radius, Neutralize Poison, Sticks to Snakes x 2

L5 (2 Spells at level 10)
Dispel Evil, Flame Strike

Extra Gear: Silver Holy Symbol, Leather Backpack, Small Silver Mirror, 2 Water Skins, 3 Large Belt Pouches, Basic clothing with cloak, Boots, 2 weeks' Iron Rations, Tinder box, 12 wax candles, 4 flasks of Holy Water, 4 Iron Spikes, 4 flasks of Oil, Bone Scroll Case. (Obviously we have more food and probably mounts in the cave.)

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