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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Narfindor for Swords and Wizardry!

Yes, its another project from me that will be inevitably forgotten as something else bright and shiny takes my attention in some other bizarre, money sucking direction.

But the biggest point of this blog is to be a repository and clearing house for all my ideas, so I can come back to them as I wish (like a carnival, I almost always come back around to it eventually. I blame the Tenchi Universe cartoon for the carnival thing. But its so dang right!) so I do not lose my work, and being electronic, I can easily revamp it as time changes and my tastes change. I used to have the original Narfindor map I drew in the late 80s, but it is long gone, with only vague remembrances of what it actually looked like when I first converted it into an electronic map 10 years or so ago.

Yet, its time to develop a section of the world most suited to adventuring in Swords and Wizardry!

For those who forgot, here is the map of the southeastern third of the planet. (Ignore the actual written on map scale, its really 1 hex = 200 miles.)

Now, for some basic world and race background the work I did on this for Tunnels and Trolls is still valid. Heck, why not use it for either or?


An Rikod
An Rikod is the least developed and least populated of the 4 main continents on Narfindor. It was rumored that during the Teknikan Wars where the Nain were toppled from their technological supremacy by the other races and their discovery of magic, that the biggest battles and the greatest bloodshed happened here.

During the battle against Vedaan it proved to be an essential staging ground for the armies that would help bring that dark child of Tiamat down. Before that time, it was mainly the home of scattered Orc nomads, a single trading port to less charted lands, and the home of the Jungle Elves. Vedaan's rise to power changed all that, and now the continent is being re explored, with new settlements popping up, and expeditions being made to his once fearsome fortress, to massive cave complexes filled with forgotten mines, and to cities ruined thousands of years ago.

It is now 2 years after he was defeated, hopefully gone forever. Adventurers from all over the world are heading to make their fortune, or to leave their legacy.

Climate and Terrain
Being sub equatorial, the northern areas of the continent are hot, with the Seplet desert being dry and unforgiving. The land slowly gets more temperate as you head south down the Drinak River, the two great forests helping to keep the land from being like the Seplet. It cools down to a bit of a chill region by the Fieene Mountains which seem to trap the winds in a great spiral, noticable by the strange clouds of this region. Once you head towards the southern end of the continent the Linae River nourishes the land with the ice of the Fieene melting and feeding the Jrana Jungle, and Tedlina Swamp, making it a hot and humid region.

On the southern island, known now as "The Womb of the Earth Demon's Spawn" the volcanoes that surround the remains of Vedaan's Fortress keep that area hot, though the south end gets cold quickly as the South Pole's freezing ice floes affect the land around it.

Aron Stewart Says:
The biggest problem with An Rikod is its mostly windy outside of the forests and swamps. And its really hot most places. Outside of the mountain areas, its roughly 90 degrees with high humidity most of the year. While its nice given that it makes all the fine women wear less, its not fine since there isn't any air conditioning!

Next Time: Civilizations, Ruins, and Landmarks.

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