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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Old School Movement Gets a Win!


For those who did not know: Lulu, a company that prints and ships books made by people (effectively allowing self published efforts at a very reasonable price level) had a contest for highest selling products in a month.

Fight On! A fan magazine devoted to old school pre D20 D&D and with user submitted art and articles won the contest.

It beat some religious and National Hot Rod Association publications.

While it might not be saying much (we have no idea how many copies were sold), it does show that not only is there still a desire for pre D20 D&D content, but that the old school movement is connected and WILLING to spend money, even if its just as a show of support. Heck, the first honorable mention is the Swords and Wizardry Core Rules, which can be downloaded for FREE if you want!

It can't just be nostalgia folks. There is something about these old school D&D games and the modern retroclones (like Swords and Wizardry) that WotC's releases cannot replicate.  Hi grognards.txt.  I love you.  We as a community of gamers create on our own for our own new adventures, rules, and art because its FUN and for the love of the game, most of the time sharing it for practically no money at all.

The old school rules are simpler, faster, more open to high adventure gameplay and to player tinkering.

This is something Wizards of the Coast, their corporate overlords at Hasbro, and many modern gamers just don't understand.

But now? We might be a small group, but we are a powerful one, and now more folks will know what we do.

Look out. We don't have corporate dollars, but we do have love for the game.

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