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Friday, April 17, 2009

A New Swords and Wizardry Class: The Minotaur!

In my Narfindor campaign Minotaurs are a valid, playable race. Obviously mine are inspired by versions of them in fiction, but not so much as to be a ripoff of any one kind.

The Minotaur
They are known for being explorers and pirates, having a love for exploring, especially seaborn explorations. They are the mappers of the islands, the solvers of the mazes. They tend to be a bit brutal in their dealings with other races, but similar to Orcs they are more interested in money and their own desires than anyone else's ideas of morality. Their culture is most similar to Spain and Portugal in the age of Christopher Columbus with a touch of the English Privateer. About 250,000 Minotaurs are predicted to live and sail the seas.

Aron Stewart says:
Minotaurs are wierd. I can never tell what they are thinking since these big ol cows rarely have any expression other than blank. My Bard teacher Alis had a "friend" who worked with her (Let's just say I am pretty sure she could play the (expletive deleted) flute if you know what I mean!) who was one and you did NOT mess with him. I saw him throw a dude 30 feet, chuck a handful of throwing darts at him and then finish him off with a harpoon designed to be fired from a sailing ship while at sea on a dinghy during a hurricane! And he was probably getting freaky walking moocow on Human action! I can only imagine what one who has been at sea for six months and hasn't gotten any in a while would do!

Minotaur adventurers tend to be hard on their luck seamen whose ship sunk due to wars or misfortune and are thus in human lands trying to make their way back home via mercenary pursuits. Others tend to be explorers and traders looking to explore foreign lands. Minotaurs tend to be serious minded, of few words yet highly capable at what they do.

Prime Attribute:Strength 15+ (5% experience)
Hit Dice:1d6+2/level (Gains 3 hp/level after 9th)
Armor/Shield Permitted:Leather, Ring, and Shield
Weapons Permitted:Hammer, Spear, Two Handed Sword, Bastard Sword, Crossbows, Javelin, Dart

Minotaur adventurers make use of what they know: fighting on the high seas. Lighter armor and weapons suited for naval combat and their large size are the order of the day. They are slightly uncomfortable on land, and tend to stick with what they are used to.

Minotaur Abilities

Big and Tough:Minotaurs begin with 6 extra hit points and have an extra +1 to hit and damage when they charge due do their great size. This allows them to wield any 2 handed melee or thrown weapon in one hand without any penalty. Armor however, costs DOUBLE normal costs and magic armor must be refitted at great expense to be used by Minotaurs.

Naval Skills:It is up to the Referee to determine how it works, but Minotaurs have skills in navigation/direction sense, astronomy, carpentry, swimming, and rope tying. (If using a D20 roll equal to or under attribute system for skills, Minotaurs have a +2 to their attributes for the purposes of the roll.)

Establish Letter of Marquee:As Fighting Man, except instead of a stronghold at 9th level, the Minotaur may attract followers and have a naval ship crewed by at least 50 crew plus a shore team. Some letters allow for privateering against ships of enemy nations and pirates. It is up to the Referee and player how this will work in your campaign.

Minotaur Advancement

Level Experience Hit Dice Saving Throw To Hit
1 3000 1 17 0
2 6000 2 16 +1
3 12000 3 15 +1
4 24000 4 14 +2
5 48000 5 13 +2
6 96000 6 11 +3
7 192000 7 10 +4
8 384000 8 9 +4
9 500000 9 8 +5
10 600000 +3hp 7 +6
11 700000 +3hp 7 +7
12 800000 +3hp 7 +7
13 900000 +3hp 7 +8
14 1000000 +3hp 7 +9
15 1100000 +3hp 7 +10
16 1200000 +3hp 7 +11
17 1300000 +3hp 7 +12
18 1400000 +3hp 7 +13
19 1500000 +3hp 7 +14
20 1600000 +3hp 7 +15
21+ +100000 +3hp 7 +15

Well, that is that! I apologize if the formatting is off. Feel free to playtest this class and tell me what you think!
(Tweaked thanks to some discussion over at The RPG Site!)

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