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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Operation Don't Buy So Much Dammit Part 2: Future Purchase Plans

Well I know how much I have left I can spend this year without breaking my vow (889 dollars US), but part of having a budget is figuring out what I will buy.

So what is on my radar for this year's spending?

Let's take a trip towards THE FUTURE:


Well, RPGs are probably the low end of the totem pole so there isn't much I actually want.  In fact, there is nothing I must have this year at all.

By and large, outside of the Lulu fanmade type supplements for X-Plorers , and the retro D&D mags Fight On! , and Knockspell , I can't really see much new I am looking for.  Perhaps any supplements for Witch Girls Adventures as they did me right when my copies of the rulesbook came to me in god AWFUL condition.

While not must have, I still want the Legend of the Five Rings 1st edition rules, and various supplements and books for it, Call of Cthulhu/Basic Roleplaying, and Warhammer 40K RPG.

But again, most of this isn't MUST BUY NOW.

And OOP D&D or Ghostbusters are things if I see cool and cheap I will grab.

I give Palladium 70 or so a year for their awesome Grab Bag deal, and my continuing mission to collect every issue of the Rifter.  That should cover all my needs there, including whatever new Robotech releases they have this year.

But really... we can probably just say I will spend around 170 bucks on RPG products the rest of the year.
(Meaning I won't be buying many 40K RPG books unless I get coupons or someone is unloading them.)

Boardgames/Hex N Chit

Another category I will probably just be dropping a C note or less on.  (And I spent that amount in 09 on Space Hulk 3rd edition ALONE!)

There are only 3 games I really want to buy this year.  Tank on Tank , a rules light, introductory hex and chit wargame that will be perfect to help bring new gamers into the glory that is moving little cardboard chits around and checking combat resolution charts, Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit Expansion Pack , which gives me more things for ASLSK which is always a good thing.  (Provided I ever get to actually PLAY it with anyone.  Even gave the first Starter Kit as a gift to a friend.  And it accomplished nothing.)

And finally for the boardgame category, THE NEW VERSION OF OGRE , the best thing Steve Jackson games ever made.  It might not be out this year, but depending on price IT MUST BE MINE.  Because I love Ogre/GEV.

So about 120 or so for Boardgames?  While there might be some more issues of Operations magazine in the pipeline (see from the ASL link), and I wouldn't mind Chaos in the Old World , its by no means a must buy.

But if Ogre gets shunted to 2011, Chaos is up on the docket.

Miniatures Gaming

Or near minis in the "Machine Sheet" game genre's case.

So what am I to be needing?

Well, about 150 for Warhammer 40K this year.  Codex Blood Angels due next month to make my Pre Heresy World Eaters usable again.  (The free online codex I used as an epiphany and a way to play my cheap army even cheaper being kind of butt.)  Plus 2 Dreadnoughts I need to get on the cheap, and some Drop Pods.  Maybe a few more things for my Tyranids, or me taking advantage of someone selling off some goodies cheap.  (Which is the foundation of my World Eaters army.)

I would say around 100 for Rackham's Confrontation and AT 43 this year.  I need A Griffon Cannon Team for one of my 3 Confrontation armies, and whatever I can get fun and cheap for the others and of course, the big man on campus for my AT 43 UNA, the FIRE CRAWLER , which I may just get in the UNA army box whenever it comes out.  50 online for a box including a 60 MSRP supermech, a 45 MSRP mech, and a couple 20-30 dollar squads of infantry and terrain & other goodies?


For Uncharted Seas I mostly just need a few bits for the Bone Griffons undead fleet, and maybe a few new ships for the Dwarves and Elves.  So.. 50 bucks tops.

Arcane Legions and Battletech and Car Wars are more "Well this is something cool and cheap.. let's get it!" than must buys at this moment.  So I will say 75 dollars for the three of them.  Which means a couple boosters for Arcane, a Technical Readout or a few Mech models for Battletech, and maybe another book or two for Car Wars.

For Federation Commander I need the Orion expansion for 30, then possibly another 35 if the Interstellar Concordium set comes out.  So lets just make it 70 total since I buy a pack of ship cards sometimes too.

So if we leave a little wiggle room for things like Heroscape, the toy wargames from Radioactive Press and Star Wars Minis' final map packs we get a 500 dollar ballpark.

So my estimated purchases for the rest of the year?  790, which brings me under the 1000 limit, though this would be the "bronze" category.  This means I will either have to drop some stuff, delay it till 2011, get it as a gift (ha!), or sell some goodies to get goodies.

But I see it being easily doable, especially if many of the above I skip on.  I'm not really playing most of the above, and in the case of games like AT 43 and Arcane Legions I have PLENTY ALREADY.

But, let's see what we see.

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