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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Zombie Month! First Look Review of All Things Zombie!

I have slaved over a hot keyboard to bring you the gameplay first look review of All Things Zombie!, in all its too expensive for what you get glory.  Enjoy!

(As usual click on the pictures for a larger one.)

So there we go!  It only took 1 3/4ths years to get, and with some mild board damage, but I finally got the game and for much cheaper than its MSRP.  Is it worth 60 dollars?  HELL NO.  It is worth 30-35?  Sure!

Its quick, its fun, its coop, competitive, or solitaire, and it looks nice outside of the aforementioned board damage.  Still, I wished it was either cheaper or its costs were used to provide more game instead of a fancier one.  Lock N Load isn't a big company so this format of game costs more than they should probably do.  There just isn't 60 dollars of content here.

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