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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Now THIS is why Indies Gaming owns!


An upcoming Dungeon Master/Eye of the Beholder styled first person RPG (I am kind of hoping its turn based but who knows?) called Legend of Grimrock got an interface question from someone with a disability who still loves these sorts of games.

Instead of ignoring him or just giving some BS excuse why something simple couldn't be done the developer PUT IT IN THE GAME.  Probably was a sub 1 hour project for art and coding, maybe 4 at the highest possible.  (I am not a coder but it seems like it would be something super simple considering a game made in 1987 on a 7mhz 512K Atari ST had it in there..)

This is what I like seeing game developers doing.  Not ignoring their customers or giving them excuses but doing things the customer wants.  To be sure you can't please everyone always but if its something simple that will help your audience and give them what they might like?  Why not do it?

Now if we can just get Steve Jackson Games to figure this one out instead of any time any one who ISN'T a Munchkin customer (who probably don't post to Internet boards anyhow..) complaining about or asking for something getting their PR guy posting HOW IT IS.

Sometimes you have to go an extra few inches and you will get MILES out of your customers.

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Pico said...

I could understand if the request was something major and it would take a lot of time or resources to correct, but the way it sounds it was a simple fix. Imagine how this made the disabled customer feel too. I'm sure he or she has to deal with "HOW IT IS" way too much as it is and I'm sure this left an impression on them. Wouldn't surprise me if the dev just won a customer for life. This doesn't even get into the possible positive PR that the dev could get out of it. Nice story.


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