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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What This Toyniverse Secret Santa Unboxing is From, a Quick Guide

For the tiny amount of my readership that might actually care.

See there is this adorably fun show I started watching thanks to both Something Awful (see sometimes they can be more than just obnoxiously smug, making you want to punch them in the groin even when right like a Internet Forum version of Bill Maher!) and some of the other nerd places I visit about the net who had said positive things.

SA decided it wasn't cool to like it and basically ran all discussion of it (outside of smug hate) off the forums even though over a course of 2 weeks it made the site over 700 dollars in new avatars and the like.  We all moved offsite with a massive 90+ members on an IRC channel in the SLOW hours and a very nice forum where we formed possibly one of the few fan communities of anything that didn't devolve into creepy porn/quasi porn shipping  and "Original Character" nonsense as most of the online fandom of anything seems insistent of becoming.

(Seriously.  Anything you love?  There is probably a fan community devoted to making porn of it.  No matter how innocent and pure.  Or even sane.  People write porn of the UK Top Gear hosts.  While Top Gear is an amazingly funny show and has my favorite bigoted middle aged man on it ever, it is a show with 3 generally ugly middle aged men who love cars and abusing one another.  The Internet is a VERY stupid place where people seem devoted to idiotic ideas becoming truth that only exist in their diseased head, like a worldwide version of Rush Limbaugh, except who really want to see Optimus Prime and Megatron do the Horizontal Bop instead of destroying all intelligent political discussion in a country.)

This community is full of wonderful, nice, and fun people who are crazy in the Howling Mad Murdock way and not the Buffalo Bill sort of way.  So one fellow decided to organize a Secret Santa thing with wish lists and he did all the hard work of matching people up and giving emails with the addresses and keeping track of who was going to who and locations based on willingness to ship overseas and whatnot.

It was quite fun even if my gifter sort of only half read my list.  (He insisted on trying to fix it but its really the thought that counts and the magazine made 2 unplayable games playable so yay there.  It shows how much I suck that it was pretty much the ONLY gift I got this year, as both my parents are deceased, one friend failed to get anything out on time, and my sister bought me dinner.)

But we end this little background info nobody cares about with a picture (from the person I was chosen to gift to and is on their hosting so if in a couple months the picture is not there they took it down) showing what cool stuff I sent, which was a mixture of goodies I bought because it seemed fun, sealed extras of things I had in the house, and from the wishlist itself.

Plus its my way of potentially creating a new hobby gamer since the giftee mentioned needing a charger to play an RPG on the PSP.  (Which sadly I forgot to remove the price tag from.  DOH!)  It might not work, but sometimes nice introductory gaming goodies as part of a gift to someone might help make a new gamer.

You never know!

Am I awesome or what?  Car Wars starter books, a mini wargame, some RPG magazines, and dice among other goodies.  (Some of the dice and a couple Lego figures are hiding in the coffin.  I love those little metal coffins Target has had the last 2 Halloweens.  They make great dice and figure transports!)  Also note my cool ass tea aged letter done in the form of a Warhammer 40K universe thing.

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