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Sunday, January 8, 2012

[Toyniverse Plot] A Toyniverse/Let's Experience Atari Computer Holiday Comic Extravasucksa Part 4!

My storyline has gotten large and out of control.  It continues.  Imma try to finish this specific storyline in 1 more installment but it might take 2 depending on how large it gets.

The one thing with doing these is I keep finding things in my house that need cleaning.  My camera has better vision than I do.  After this installment I got out the Magic Erasers and went to town.  I've even gone out and bought more.  So if nothing else doing comics helps me find dirty things in my house that annoy me to the point I just HAVE to clean it.


Monty said...

Brilliant work! I take it you used Comic Life? Very effective ;)

Captain Rufus said...

Yep. Comic Life Deluxe on the Mac. Wonderful little program. I use it all the time on this blog. Game reviews, fun things like this unboxing comic, ect. So easy to use and it makes these look really nice.

Helps hide my sub par photography and writing to some degree.


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