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Friday, March 22, 2013

Mechwarrior Online: I got three problems and the Jagermech is only kind of one.

This fortnight's patch brought us the Jagermech, a 65 ton mech that in tabletop is mostly known for being super sucky and ugly.  In MWO it is improved!

There were other things too so let's get up in it!

 A note on winning:  Wins require kills.  Equal kills but time running out will be a tie even if one side has more captured of a point than the other at least in Assault.

Still pimpin the X 5 Hero Cicada and showing the new camo type plus more silly cockpit toys.  But there are 3 big changes.  Control options which make the game play like a terrible console game such as the Mechwarrior 2 PS1 port.  

Trust me.  Go into the Options and unclick both those bottom checks.  Throttle Decay means you have to hold throttle down or you slow and stop, and Arm Lock keeps your arm weapons locked to your torso which is also bad.  The whole benefit of arm weapons is the extended traverse they have.

The new map, the utterly awesome Tourmaline Desert.  Kind of warm but so pretty to look at and so many places to hide and fight.

A big feature of this map is the crashed ships you find laying about, the wreckage strewn across the field.

Downed mechs.

Crashed ships.

But what was LURM DAY?

LRMs weren't working right for 2 days or so with this patch, again becoming unstoppable avatars of head destroying explosive death.

Many matches went like this.  Some for me, some against.

Too much damage.

You see, the current MWO metagame is long range sniping and shooting.  LRMs were made super powerful even beyond the usual overwhelming power and popularity of PPC and Gauss weapons.

The Jagermech is the other big update (besides PGI's odd programming.. deficiencies) this time.

The A is overall the best, though they are all decent.  Not great, but... decent.  The problem is their stock builds are all terrible.  Even in tabletop the Jagermech was awful.  Though PGI continues to make every mech look light years better.

Some beauty shots including in cockpit views.  And a terrible build with an XL engine.  Note me being my usual jerk in MWO self but in a way that is pointing out terrible things large organizations that are supposed to be in the public interest have done, or hidden others' doings. :(

You will also note the Jagers are all showing new weapon mounts.  This is another change.  They are starting to show mechs equipped with the loadouts they have.  Right now only the Jager and Catapult have this feature but apparently PGI is gonna add this to as many mechs as possible.  Eventually.

And the final most controversial addition is CONSUMABLES.  "Pay to Win" items some of which are RL money, others you can use C Bills for.  Also with GXP uses to make them work better.

These are the two GXP modules.

And these disposable modules.  Now "Mastering" a mech is important for the extra module slot to utilize.  

Still lots of random bugs in the odd match.  Map issues, HUD issues.

A cool picture of incoming missile fire plus the Tag/Narc bonus you can get for using said deviced.  Even if Narc is terrible in every way.  (Speaking of which the "Savior Kill" from last update:  you get this by helping to kill an enemy mech while it is fighting one of your teammates the enemy player has gotten to the internal structure.)

I am overall happy with this patch even with the temporary LRM superboost that they removed today.

PGI needs to fix a LOT of these random bugs that are still popping up on us though.

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