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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

D&D 4th ed Session Report 1: The Alexis Letters (Starring Alexis Stewart and those other guys.)

I am finally in a normal RPG campaign so I can actually post HOBBY GAMES CONTENT to this blog instead of vaguely related things as I have been doing for most of the year.  (And will still be doing but whatever.)

So its back to report comics, done as if they were letters from Alexis Stewart to her younger brother Eric.
(Nobody will care but I ran a version of him as my final Changeling LARP game.  But in that universe Alex would be a Hunter, and her dad Aaron is a Vampire.)

I went out and played boardgames tonight (Battlestar Galactica.  Where I was the WORST CYLON TIGH EVER in that I barely did anything to cause trouble.  I played things too close to the chest.  I did however get 4 Trollkin Warriors glued up.  And am now out of both glue and glue accelerator.) so I didn't have a ton of time to make this super fancy and flowery with tons of captions and the like.  But the important stuff (to Alex's eyes anyhow) is covered.

(Considering I have come to the horrifying realization Alex is very similar in personality to Mabel Pines and Rainbow Dash actually helps me bring her character even fuller to life.  That and this version of the character's father was.. quite similar in many ways.  Alex is her father's daughter after all!)

Time to get to sleep so I can play this week's session tonight.  And probably finish up whatever errands I didn't do before BSG.  (Sure I got my shopping done but no gas means car no zoom.  Also want more hobby supplies.  Painting and building minis while gaming is a great way to accomplish two things at once and keep me semi quiet.)

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