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Thursday, August 8, 2013

D&D 4th ed Session Report 2: The Alexis Letters (Starring Alexis Stewart and CHEATING KOBOLDS.)

New game session equals new game comic!

Another session done.  I probably could have sent Alexis out of the corridor and she would have been safer but where is the fun in that?  GET STUCK IN LIKE A MAN.  (Or in this case an obnoxious teenaged girl who takes after father entirely too much.)

Our minotaur player will be here for one more session before he has to have some medical stuff done (GOOD LUCK DUDE!) but we might have two other players to pick up the slack until his return when they would probably be skedaddling for a while.

(Which would give more people for the game store owner to dislike as he has.. issues with customer service.  And he basically bought out this store to be his Magic the Gathering clubhouse and merely tolerates those of us who play other, better, cheaper games.  They have a lot of tables so I hope he doesn't suffer the fate a similar MAGIC ONLY store did recently.)

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