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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mechwarrior Online: Two Patches So Boring I Played MW2 Instead.

 Our first major patch after PROJECT PENIX.. I MEAN PHEONIX was um.. some general bug fixes?  This is nice but.. not worth two weeks.

 And a week later the Seismic Sensor module made blah.  That's about it.

And another virtual mech for real money.  If you buy this stuff you are a stupid person who should give me all your cash so I can get an IPad Air faster.

But on the Something Awful MWO thread (in between mocking the developers PGI for being lazy and slow, and laughing at Clan RPers who want to kill SA poster players on sight no matter which side they are on a fine fellow had a fine idea:


What is Netmech?  It is the online module to play Mechwarrior 2 online from the early days of online gaming.

And this fine fellow Tuluk said we don't even need any of this stuff to play.  Which is good because most of these games hate modern computers AND emulation.

First off you want to follow these instructions to set it up and download the Netmech client.  (Figuring out what file was the config file and how to edit it took a bit of finesse.  The mount C "" command requires wherever you install said client.)

As the game seems uwilling to let you tweak settings in game you basically have to use these controls even if you don't want to.  Having my hands on the arrow keys and mouse was a bit of a pain.

Once you get the client loaded (a DOSBOX shell basically) you have the main lobby room.  If someone is hosting a game there will be a room for that.  Click on it, and press JOIN.

I have no idea what the CLANS button does.  Maybe select teams or something?  We had like 4 people total on so we just did a little "deathmatch".

MISSION allows you to modify the game parameters for playing this session.

Mech allows you to use the big arrows to choose a chassis, and the small ones flip through the various.. variants.

DROPSHIP lets you ready up for the match, or click on the COCKPIT RESOLUTION box to select one of 3 resolutions.  (Basically VGA 320x200, SVGA 640x400, or the one I am on here.)

My Marauder IIc in third person mode.

Enhanced Imaging mode when you want to feel like its the early 80s again.
(Or what the Vectrex II could have been. :( )

 I quickly became feared as I just fired Ultra AC10s one at a time, shredding off arms then ripping into the internals.

 Then on a different map with less visibility.  I swapped out for a Madcat (Timber Wolf for you SPACE FURRIES) and continued to wreck face.

 Post mission I am seen to be the dominant player in spite of me doing some goofy talking and being silly.

I am not going into a TON of detail on MW2 in case I ever give the game a full review here.  But it is pretty sad when buildings are destructible in this game and NOT in MWO.  More mechs to use!  A FULL SUITE OF OPTIONS TO MAKE A MULTIPLAYER MATCH TO YOUR TASTES.

Sure the controls aren't very intuitive to modern players and the graphics are quite primitive (and at least on this cycle count still had some stuttering close in), and the weapons aren't well balanced at ALL but.. it should SHAME PGI TO NO END how this old game has more varied content and gameplay modes than their F2P title they charge 20-40 dollars a virtual robot for.

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