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Monday, November 25, 2013

Retro Computing: Why Bother? Windows 98 Special! (Part 1 of Something)

Attention:  These photos were probably the best I could pull off.  Sadly I cannot retake them as you know.. the computer is now further along than this.  Hopefully the ones where the refresh rate was being really choad to my camera are at least visible enough to get the point across.  Especially since the 14.1 megapixel versions of the original pictures are really too stupid to want to look at.  Unless you are REALLY turned on by Windows 98 installation screens.  And many of these were the best shots I could take.  Thankfully the next part should have a lot prettier of pictures.  


Chris said...

You wrongly refer to Windows 98 being 95's "older brother" in this image http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-lGVCB6ZTW4U/UpL9APrFzMI/AAAAAAAAEHY/qhPhgiAtFMk/s1600/Page_05.png

Captain Rufus said...

I think I meant it more as a "Windows 98 SE is the big brother of 95". As in its more matured and developed. And its number is higher and thus its older. Sure. I will go with that.


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