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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Game updates for the last week or so.

I've not been feeling the greatest, with some aches and pains that don't seem to go away, but aren't bad enough to really send me to a doctor, but enough and in areas that give one pause. Its made wanting to post a little low on my time wasting scale.

But here I am with some updates!

Last Wednesday was another 40K game at Sarge's. 1000 points of Tyranids and Demon Hunters vs Sisters of Battle and Space Marines. With my DH player barely paying attention and various other people taking control of his army, my concept force of a Tyranid spearhead army (all Genestealers, Lictors, and Spore Mines) wasn't in the greatest position. I did some fair damage, but fell to superior firepower and an inferior position on the field. The DHs running through water while being shot at did not help much either. Overall I am impressed with Spore Mine drops and have made them an essential part of my army selections since then.

Which lead to a game using VASSAL Thursday, 1000 points of my Tyranids vs an Eldar Jetbike army. Vassal is a Java program where you have game modules and it helps you run boardgames online. Its very easy to use, and I found it overall quite pleasant to work with. Even with 40K type minis games it works pretty well. As to the mission I won, though many Genestealers died for the cause. A Farseer using Guide and then Doom turns Stealers to mush. But we were dabbling with the 5th edition mission system which meant my two surviving Stealers captured an objective location on the last part of turn 6. Combined with the total wipeout of the Eldar gave me a solid win. I switched in 2 more Lictors for this game, and found them to work fantastic as a trio, landing in various terrain locations and giving multiple reserve test rerolls to my Spore Mines who all lucked on on VASSAL's dice roller and mostly landed dead on target. The terrain landings of the Lictors mostly brought them out when needed and where, letting them support my Genestealers who met many grisly fates at the hand of the Farseer and Autarch.

Warhammer 40k Module 3-5-5Map3
An unzoomed in picture of the battlefield towards the end of the game. My Genestealers and Lictors are making fast work of the Eldar. Or trying to anyhow.

Tuesday was the start of character generation for MagicDrew's D6 modern horror game. I not feeling well mostly zoned off into space and read Failblog.org, though did wake up enough to finally pull out the classic card game Nuclear War I had bought at Connecticon 05 on sale. It was VERY easy to learn though we all did make the odd mistake. It could become another quick pickup game to play. And now I want expansions for it! 9IN won the first game by pretty much taking MagicDrew and myself out while we bombed each other to bits, while I took the second game with some solid strategies making up for my terrible draws. Multiple anti missile cards and holding most of the bomber cards certainly helped out.

MagicDrew also got me some kickass birthday presents. Zombies!!! expansion 7, which adds in Zombie Clowns and a new area to be chased around in, and a 100 pack of glow in the dark zombies. Now I need to paint the bases of the Military Base zombie expansion glowies so they can continue to be super zombies and the new glowies can be more general zombies my game so desperately needs. MagicDrew's birthday is this month and I think his Vampire Counts deserve a nice 25 dollar Varghoul miniature. Even if he never gets his Warhammer Fantasy army built its still an awesome model. Maybe I will have money enough to get it?

Wednesday was more 40K antics, and my 1500 point Tyranids got to face a Tzeentch and Slaanesh combined army. I won in spite of some iffy tactical decisions on my part. Most of the Demons came in on my far flank instead of right up in my army's quartered deployment zone. Early on I took some serious casualties from the Daemonettes and Flamers, but my Carnifex blasted most of the Pink Horrors out of this reality, and as they are wont to do, my expensive Carnifex and Hive Tyrant played Godzilla with guns all over the Demon host. We played with as many 5th edition rules as we could, and overall I am pleased with the new rules. I sadly won't get the rulesbook myself till the portable version comes out with the Black Reach starter set in September, but the latest issue of White Dwarf and folks with the rulesbook (currently store preview copy) can help out till then.

Also good news on the AT 43 front. Unless my aches and pains keep me from gaming in 2 weeks, it will be time to break out the Therians or UNA forces and start killing things. My army lists are built, the rules are read, and my first opponent will have a force ready to go. Being one of the store's clerks his demo games are bringing people around to the game and we should have a nice little crowd going very soon. I may in fact do a practice game against myself soon just to get the rules down better. The rules read very well for being translated from French. Plus its just so darn enthusiastic in its manner, army books and the rulesbook. Its almost infectious. Its one of the reasons I like playing at Sarge's. Other gamers, and most of them are not only open to new games, but will buy in and learn the rules themselves too. Getting the odd awesome deal on people selling off stuff is nice too! Sadly my money has been tight the last few weeks (and only getting tighter) so I have had little I could buy outside of a tasty bottled diet cream soda and a back issue of No Quarter each week. (No Quarter being Privateer Press' games magazine. I even bring my Warmachine army down. I have just yet to actually play it down at Sarge's!) My two ordered UNA Steel Trooper attachment boxes are mocking me... They call to me to bring more brave patriots to battle against the Morphos horde and the Collectivist scum!

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