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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday, Thursday, and Tuesday Game Reports

I've been a slacking here and have 3 game sessions to bring up to speed!

Wednesday was a 4 player per side, 500 points per player game of Warhammer 40K at Sarge's. Orks, Space Marines, Eldar, and Imperial Guard versus Space Marines, Witch Hunters, Chaos Demons, and my Tyranids. It was a gloriously fun game that was called due to time and the obvious fact my side was probably gonna lose. Some bad rolling and an insanely nasty bike squad shooting phase that took out almost half my forces made it rough on me, and the Space Marine player to my right was having even worse trouble, being entirely wiped out. I did a fair job on opposing Marine and Eldar units, but 3 Warriors, and a heap of Gaunts can only do so much when they get bogged down fighting a bike squadron. It was then followed up by a little Magic.

Thursday was my final game at Pico's for at least the next 6 months if not the next few years. Starfury's schedule is changing to where he is available on Wednesdays and not Thursdays. As I would MUCH rather play Warhammer 40k, and Starfury wants to run Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition (which I fairly or unfairly hate and refuse to even try) anyhow, that is that. I have offered to do Necromunda down at Sarge's but it looks like nobody wants to go down there. Oh well. Maybe I will still see if there are Sarge's players who want to get it going. If not, there is always 40K, Warmachine, and hopefully some Warhammer Fantasy and AT 43.

I gotta make use of those figures somehow!

Oh yeah, the game. We played two games of Settlers of Catan with Seafarers and Cities & Knights expansion. The first finished, the second called for time. Cities & Knights adds a LOT to the game, making it quite different in play. It adds in city improvements and a number of new event cards, replacing the main game's deck entirely. Not to mention the Knights which are used to deal with the Bandit and his friends. I really like the expansion, but it is NOT worth 40 more dollars of cost to Catan, 60 more for 6 player. I like Catan, but I do not like it that much!

Tuesday was Tide of Iron with Starfury, 9IN, and Magic Drew. I was on the team with Magic Drew. Some rules were confused, and by the time they were unconfused Starfury and 9IN's Germans stomped through us with insane dice rolling. I liked what I saw, even if that session was rather unfun. The game really is a high production values introductory wargame. The concepts of this game are the building block to more advanced fair such as Squad Leader or Panzer Grenadier. I would like to try this game again and see if what we learned makes a difference, which I think it would.

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