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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Tuesday Game Reports

With my various life bits, I really have been lax on posting, haven't I?

Last Tuesday we made characters for MagicDrew's D6 Adventure game set as a sort of modern horror thing. I will describe my character later, but I am adventuring with a 250+ year old vampiress (Starfury's character), and 9IN's ex CIA operative.

(Currently as I write this we are playing in this campaign. Its investigative stuff centered around New York City. My character being a bit of a nerdy sort, doesn't belong in Neo Aryan dirtbag clubs and is thus doing his science thing and looking around the college he does his science medical graduate research work isn't there. Thus I can write this as I shouldn't really know what they are doing anyhow.)

We followed up with an introductory AT 43 game, Starfury and MagicDrew using 1500 points of Therians, versus 9IN and myself with the UNA. The Therians won thanks to Omega Tiamat and her ability to come back from the dead took out both our Fire Toads, which gave the Therians the win given our platoon pattern the M.Ind has the flaw of losing the game outright if we lose our walkers. Tiamat made short work of one Fire Toad, got blasted to bits by the UNA's combined close range fire, then used her ability to take the place of a Therian unit with an Overseer and was ready to kill Sgt Borz in his Fire Toad, but a Therian Goliath class infantry unit finished off Borz' Toad, winning them the game. You may expect another battle report comic in the future. Its a tad annoying how Flickr does photos. I take too many and they only keep the 200 newest active.

Wednesday was 40K at Sarge's with a couple games of Magic afterwards. 1000 points of Tyranids (Me) and Space Marines versus Grey Knights and Sisters of Battle. It was one of the first official 5th edition games. It was not pretty. Too many bad things happened to my side and it was a general slaughter. We lost the initiative and got shot up. The Marine Land Raider failed to do much other than get caught on terrain. Spore Mines failed to hit mass clusters of models, or failed to penetrate any armor the few times they were close. Overall I am enjoying the new 5th edition rules even if I won't get my copy till September with the Black Reach set. I do need to shrink the cost of my Genestealers though. 27 points a model is entirely too much caught up on models who can be utterly demolished by Heavy Bolters.

As mentioned, this Tuesday is D6 Adventure. I gave MagicDrew his birthday present. (Cash, a nifty card, and a nice cake. I was gonna get him a Varghoul for his Warhammer Vampire Counts, but forgot, and this seemed a bit nicer overall anyhow.) Soon we go for pizza and continue the adventuring. This pizza was good. I approve of the pizza.

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