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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My D6 Character. LET ME SHOW YOU HIM.

Note if you are not the GM of this game you do not know all of these things below.

Name: Davis Wilson
Occupation: Medical Researcher/Grad Student
Human Male, age 26
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 142
Brown Hair, Grey Eyes, Glasses

Reflexes: 2D
Coordination: 3D
Physique: 2D
Presence: 3D
Command: 4D
Persuasion: 4D
Knowledge: 5D
Business: 6D
Medicine: 6D
Scholar: 6D
Tech: 6D
Perception: 3D
Repair: 4D

Advantages: Wealth (R1), Equipment (R3) (A secret zombie research lab in Northern New Jersey)

Disadvantages: Quirk (R1) "Loves" The dead. (His zombie girlfriend in the basement in THAT sort of way. He is merely fond of dead people in general.) Devotion (R2) To turn the world into a happy smiling land of the dead. Devotion (R1) Penguins.

Body Points: 30

Background, Davis is a brilliant graduate student researcher at NYU focusing on medical science and medical technology. While there he met a brilliant but quirky Chemistry student, Sally Graham. She was a bit gothy and a bit into using her chemistry knowledge to get herself high. He liked Penguins and Disney cartoons. The two became romantically involved, both being on the wierd side of things. One day Sally came up with a new gas. Davis being busy that day, she huffed and she puffed. And eventually fell down and died. Davis arrived at their Jersey home to find her comatose. Not knowing what she had inhaled, he quickly grabbed any restorative chemicals in the house and attempted to revive her. Between what she had taken and what he gave her, she came back to life.

Sort of. While perfectly sapient, she had.. hungers. Hungers for living flesh. Insatiable hungers. Davis has a few missing chunks of flesh to prove it. However with this new unlife she also felt sensations deeper than anything she had ever had before, and an almost continuous high. Together they made up a room for her to keep her from losing control and going out on a murderous hungry rampage. Davis, now a little unhinged, feels that everyone can eventually be as happy as Sally seems to be. Together they are researching and trying to figure out exactly which chemicals made Sally the way she was. Sometimes he brings her home dinners in her room, sometimes he brings home subjects to try replicating Sally's situation.

Currently the unliving he can make are unlike Sally. Generally either biological or with technical bits the zombies are far less human in appearance, and generally far more stupid, only being under Davis' control with technical implants in place. So far none of them including Sally are infectious, but Davis is quickly closing in on the missing pieces to the zombie apocalypse puzzle.

With his known biomedical and biotechnical skills he has been recruited to look into supernatural matters. He does his university work during the day, while working on his darker efforts at night.

Personality: Generally cheerful with a dark sense of humor. Davis has a tendency to break into cartoon music songs while working on things. He keeps his zombie work generaly quiet, and won't even tell Sally what his eventual plans for the world is.

Equipment: Usually Davis carries a field medical kit and a field electronics/hardware repair kit in his van, and a small pocket kit of each on his person alongside a .22 pistol for self defense/emergency zombie termination. He has no problem looting morgues, back alleys, or graveyards for the recently dead or ought to be dead anyhow.

His Home: The top level is a plain small house in a low end area of the Passaic county. The top level seems like a simple college student with a little cash windfall's kind of home, though in Davis' case decorated with a heavy Penguin motif. Downstairs is hidden by a secret trap door and contains his laboratory and Sally's living quarters. The whole of downstairs is generally bathroom tiled, with Sally's section being sectioned off with a clear bulletproof glass wall. Her area has the same sorts of in floor drains and plastic coverings over her property. The ceiling has biohazard and general water sprays in order to clean up after her messier meals. Or failed experiments. Sally quite enjoys her post meal showers. Davis enjoys watching...

Off in another section is another trap door leading to corpse disposal. It is mostly a lye tub, and a small unobtrusive crematory for whatever remains. The smoke merely looks like it is coming out his chimney.

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