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Friday, April 16, 2010

Toy Battle System Demo Scenario Comic! Transformers Roll Out!

For Radioactive Press' Toy Battle System Games (Mega Bots and Giant Monster Rampage : http://radioactive-press.weebly.com/ ) I am gonna do a full review but thanks to MagicDrew wanting to get some demos of the stuff we play going at a local comic shop to possibly recruit more folks, so here is the exciting introduction to the scenario!

(As always click on the images for larger and clearer ones.)

Will the Autobots save the city?  Will anyone actually want to try the game with MagicDrew and I?

We will find out Tuesday at Arkham Asylum in Norwich CT!


cmh said...

My son Alex loved playing with you guys at Arkham Asylum last night. Thanks for sharing the fun.

Captain Rufus said...

Im glad folks enjoyed it!


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