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Friday, February 22, 2008

More Ogre Stuff!

With my income tax goodies I have been getting more Ogre stuff. Counting what is in the mail to me I currently have the following forces assembled (some I did today while listening to podcasts, the nerd's talk radio!):

6 Light Tanks
7 Heavy Tanks
1 Superheavy Tanks
7 Missile Tanks
14 GEVs
8 Light GEVs
1 Howitzer
2 Mobile Howitzers

1 Ogre Mark 2
1 Ogre Mark 3

7 1 Squad Infantry
7 2 Squad Infantry
6 3 Squad Infantry

3 2 Squad Marines

6 Light Tanks
4 Heavy Tanks
3 Superheavy Tanks
7 Missile Tanks
6 GEVs
6 Light GEVs
1 Howitzer
2 Mobile Howitzers

1 Ogre Mark 1
1 Fencer

5 1 Squad Infantry
5 2 Squad Infantry
5 3 Squad Infantry

3 1 Squad Marines
8 2 Squad Marines

1 Ogrethulhu Mark 5

Not a bad little selection of models! I would like to get both factions to 100 points of armor and 50 points of infantry when all is said and done, but I doubt I will be doing much more purchasing till the summer at the earliest.

As it stands, I have 77 and 70 total armor, 51 and 68 infantry. By and large a 4 or 5 Mark Ogre on each side would fit the bill, though I will probably not add in any more cybertanks and get more conventional armor units instead. It would make for bigger and more interesting battles that way.

Ogrethulhu is obviously different and is its own minor faction. I may or may not buy some of its infantry support to assist it in its dark tentacled schemes...

I may or may not use a box of old Epic 40K Imperial Guard to make some militia units for both factions. I haven't decided yet on that one.

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