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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tuesday and Wednesday Game Reports

This Tuesday was an off week so we played Rock Band at Starfury's. We also got rid of my dad's old bed sadly Starfury has an.. aversion to bungee cords and a very nice, outstanding if I do say so myself headboard went kerblooey on the road. And so far the debris has not caused my tires to go flat.

Overall Rock Band is pretty good, though I vastly prefer Guitar Hero 3 which I just picked up earlier in the day. Better guitar controller too. I might get Rock Band when it gets cheaper to play the guitar or singer parts. All they need is the 80s Transformers the Movie soundtrack and it WILL BE MINE.

Wednesday was a 3 way 1500 point Warhammer 40K game cut too short so my Tyranids vs Orks vs Chaos never got completed though a sneaky move by the Orks killed my Broodlord. I did vaguely learn how to do Barrage attacks though. The Ork player and I seriously want a rematch. 2 close combat armies battling will provide a lovely bit of megaviolence.

Sarge's also had a clearance on RPG books. A buck a book. My first runthrough got me these:

Not a bad haul for 9 bucks. Hell, most of these books were MSRP twice that when they were released!

I'll give it another pass next week and maybe see if I missed any other books. For a buck even kinda interesting is worth buying!

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