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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Prototype Heroquest Dwarf Slayer Rules

Ok, Pico has the foundation of 2 classes done already and I have ZERO.

Time to up the ante a bit!

Dwarf Slayer

Attack: 3 (Hand Axe)
Defense: 1 (Beard, and Bad Attitude)
Life: 10
Mind: 2

Description: Dwarf Slayers, due to some dishonor real or imagined are out to die in glorious battle. Is it any wonder they would join a band of adventurers going into deadly dungeons?

Special: Dwarf Slayers MAY NOT retreat from the Dungeon ever or use any form of ranged weapon or wear any armor. They may also not use any healing potion. (But healing spells may be cast on them.) Slayers defend on ANY Shield result.
Against Trolls, Daemons, and Giants Slayers get NO Defense die to roll normally but each Skull they roll counts as TWO rolled Skulls.

Attack: 2 (Short Sword)
Defense: 1 (Normal Clothing)
Life: 5
Mind: 4

Description: A wandering teller of stories and singer of songs. Their presence is that of a battlefield musician that can inspire their comrades to greater heights of valor. Only being adventurers, they do it better!

Special: Troubadours may use any 1 handed close combat weapon plus the staff or any kind of bow/crossbow. For armor they may only buy up to leather armor and may not use helmets or shields. They have the Musician ability they may use on any turn they choose to either not move or not do any other action. (Lose one or the other that turn.) Once per Dungeon expedition they may sacrifice their movement to use the Standard Bearer ability. They may of course sacrifice their other action for the turn and use their Musician ability to have both advantages on the same turn.)

NEW ABILITIES: (Also can be used for new classes as modified above.)

Musician: Model may sacrifice its turn to give all friendly models within the same room or any adjacent rooms or corridors with open doors the option to reroll 1 Defense dice result per attack on them.

Standard Bearer: Model may sacrifice its turn to give all friendly models within the same room or any adjacent rooms or corridors with opened doors the option to reroll 1 Attack dice result per attack they make.

Group Leader: Model is the commander of a small unit of monsters in the dungeon. In the fields of the Warhammer World, he or she commands a regiment of troops. In the dungeon they boss around their troops. Model has +1 Attack and +1 Wounds compared to a normal model of that type.

Group Hero: Like the Group Leader, only bigger, badder, and more impressive. They command small armies and could even be the bosses of a small dungeon. Model has +2 Attacks, +1 Defense, +1 Mind, and +2 Wounds compared to a normal model of that type.

Group Shaman: A lesser spellcasting unit. Has the stats of a normal model of that type, but is allowed to copy any one spell from the Chaos spell deck to cast once per game. Before doing the spell as listed, roll the Attack die. If a Skull result comes up the spell backfires with the Shaman being the target. A Shaman may also be a Group Leader. If so, the Shaman gains one extra Chaos Spell to copy, even the same one, and has the spell failure results on either White Shield result. A Shaman Hero gets 3 spells, and it only fails on the Black Shield result. (All other Leader/Hero stats are as above.)


Balancing the dungeon: When more than 4 adventurers go into a dungeon, it gets progressively easier. It is recommended that Musicians, Standard Bearers, Leaders, Heroes, and Shamans be used to boost up the monsters within. Every extra adventurer entering the dungeon adds 2D3+1 "points" of extra foes. (GM may have them replace an existing monster before they are revealed. You do not have to put them down on your design sheets when balancing for larger parties!) These can either be more monsters, or the special monster types above. These monster types are added to an existing monster in the adventure which is upgraded to the new type. Monsters with 3 wounds or more should not be upgraded!

Musician, Standard Bearer, Shaman : 1 point
Group Leader : 2 points
Group Hero : 3 points

Note this means a Shaman Hero is an additional 4 points of monster.

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