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Thursday, February 21, 2008

On Nerd Stereotypes and Defending the Hobby...

(Warning. Harsh language ahead.)

Now anyone who breathes knows that being into hobby games is wrong, sad, and evil, or at least that's what braindead morons who waste their lives watching sports and American Idol would have you believe. (Because their waste of time is allowed but ours is not.)

Apparently we all suck. Stereotyping ahoy!

While all stereotypes have a grain (ok, sometimes its more like a half a loaf of bread...) of truth to them, its not everyone, merely the flock following sheep idiots who are the type of moron who would in fact jump off a bridge if everyone else did it.

And every group bashes every other group for it. Because its an excuse to hate other people or something like that.

I'm a comics reading, Warhammer playing, cartoon watching, toy collecting nerd.

According to every other group on the planet I am a virginal emotionally stunted manchild who doesn't bathe and lives in a basement with maybe a McJob.

Why? Because a couple assholes (and EVERY group has assholes in it. Some groups are 90% asshole.) are considered to be the shining example of the entire group. Whatever you believe in, are genetically, or do for your freetime is only acceptable if enough other people do it that its public perception is OK.

Hell, there are idiots out there who expect people of their same racial stock to "act" a certain way. Even though the way they are supposed to act is generally in a manner roughly equal to "dipshit".

Its why its socially acceptable to drink alcohol, something that kills hundreds if not THOUSANDS of people a day (Its taken a cousin and an uncle from me, and its effects have damaged almost everyone in my family in some way or another) yet playing Dungeons & Dragons makes you a worthless piece of shit.

Its basically all a bunch of hypocritical nonsense spouted by assholes without the sense your god of choice gave a monkey.

My stupid waste of time and money doesn't hurt anyone and we gamers tend to be less harmful to others or ourselves compared to most socially acceptable forms of timewasting.

If it aint hurting someone, shut the fuck up. You don't have to like it or accept it, but you better damned well respect others' rights to do it even if it makes your head hurt why anyone would want to do it.

Oh, and all those nerd stereotypes? At my job dealing cards at a casino I see behavior just as bad if not worse than every gamer horror story real or imagined. For the most part the only thing nerds are a threat to is a bag of Cheetos and a six pack of Mountain Dew.

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