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Monday, April 28, 2008

Thursday Game Report

As Pico due to work has left our Tuesday group, a new, sadly more casual group has opened up on Thursdays. Currently it is he, 9IN, and myself. This first week was more or less a warmup game to see if we can do this schedule up before even trying anything serious or in depth.

Pico really wants some sort of campaign game. 3 people is about 2 people too short for any sort of campaign game.
But that's a topic for another time. That and the ideas in my head for a casual ground and space based campaign game.

This week was some Federation Commander. One 300 point Federation Starbase versus me in a Gorn Heavy Battlecruiser, Pico fielding a Federation Police Cutter and New Light Cruiser, and 9IN in a Klingon D7 Heavy Battlecruiser. Its been a while since Pico and I have played, and even longer since 9IN had played Starfleet Battles the longer, more complex, and far inferior parent game.

We picked things up pretty quickly, and used some simple logic for the enemy starbase. We guessed it was Andromedan controlled or something. All of our ships survived, and the Starbase was crippled in 3 turns. Our ships had light to severe damage, but overall we rocked the thing, and learned a few rules we never used before or forgot about. (Like Phasers being able to fire as the smaller Phaser types, and partially loaded Plasma Torpedoes.)

A good game overall. This week is either more Federation Commander, or Silent Death.

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