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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tuesday and Wednesday Game Reports

This is another of my 2 in 1 reports.
My game reports, being the mostly boring E/N post equivalent are the unimportant part of this blog that from time to time the odd bit of wisdom is imparted from. This will be one of those sorts. Except without pictures.

Tuesday was the start of the big Lord of the Rings game. It is going well overall, even if my force, Orcs lead by Gothmog are mostly getting their asses handed to them by Starfury's army, Faramir and his Gondor fighters. I am taking pictures for when the whole battle is concluded and it will be one big comic styled report. The other 2/3rds of the battlefield are mostly a big giant scrum around the objective as Lurtz tries to swat some pesky Hobbits, and Boromir's troops can't kill anything at all.

Gameplay wise LotR is impressing the hell out of me. Actual tactics is the order of the day, not what kind of badass army list you made and you got to go first this turn type of shenanigans.

I just need Missme! to listen when I explain the rules of the game is all. Actually, that's my bit of wisdom contained in these otherwise mostly pointless reports. IF THE RULES PERSON IS TELLING YOU THE RULES OF THE GAME, PLEASE LISTEN TO HIM OR HER AND ASK YOUR QUESTIONS AT THE END. (Or at least stop talking and wait for a pause before you ask said question!)

I could only imagine what sort of terror would come in trying to explain Federation Commander or Squad Leader...

Wednesday was a surprisingly purchase free day at Sarge's, since I have made other buys elsewhere and my LotR getting mania needs a week or two break. I am the only one really getting this stuff, so its not like I have to hurry. This week's 40K mayhem involved 1500 point forces of Chaos (me!) and the Sisters of Battle up against Orks and Chaos. My side lost, mostly due to some bad deployment and not inconsiderable amounts of horrid rolling. The deployment was the biggest one though. My main assault unit, an 8 strong Berzerker unit with Typhus running alongside was at the far flank. Nothing else was there. The other side is where the BIG fights were, and the Orks and Chaos Marines broke the Sisters entirely too easily. The center was bloody, but our side took it. It just wasn't enough and as mentioned, my main striking force were too far away from everything, though they did get to shoot a couple plasma pistols into a few enemy models. If I was gonna cover a flank, I should have used the smaller Rhino transported Berzerker squad who could have got somewhere fast and not been a big easily slammed target by multiple weapons once my Vindicator was taken out. Typhus and 8 guys could have held off better than 6, and said 6 could have shored things up.

I really need more Rhinos for my foot troops.

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