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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tuesday Game Reports

This week Car Wars started up in earnest. Our three cars were cruising down a town road when 2 bikers and 2 trikers ambushed us, intent on taking us out with their fancy expensive vehicles. Magicdrew was taken out with repeated shots to the rear, eventually taking him out of action, but the car was still moving. My character engaged in multiple ramming attacks out of sheer angry fury, which took out his car's front end. (He took a Trike with him.) He later hopped into Magicdrew's car, put his character's knocked out and injured self safely on some grass and proceeded to not do much outside of mess with the remaining triker's plans as our earlier attacks had sent the 2 bikes packing. Magicdrew's spike dropper in a critical place helped this along quite a bit too. 9IN was the star of the day, trading shots with almost every enemy gang member, and causing the last triker to spin out and crash through a chain link fence and into a wall.

The reward was substantial, but the amount of damage my car took put me in debt, which 9IN is covering till I can pay him back. Now Rufus wants revenge on these biker scum for trying to wreck the Arilou special (subcompact with a 5 Handling Class and a single Light Pulse Laser) and keeping him from his eventual semi truck.

Rufus hates people who wreck his plans.

Overall the game was pretty fun, though Magicdrew and I had some poor luck, and Starfury as the GM had some insanely GOOD luck in both to hit and damage rolls. Overall Gurps Lite combined with Car Wars isn't working too shabby, though some kinks need to be worked out. For our introductory mission maybe we shouldn't have been nearly evenly matched with our opponents, but we prevailed, even if it took most of our money to do so. Magicdrew seemed a little frustrated with the game, but he just had a bit of bad luck, and I guess it seemed a little insulting to him that Rufus would hop in his car and try to keep the fight going. It helped us win by causing the final trike rider to be a little too dangerous, so it all turned out for the best.

I was swearing and cursing myself, but was having a good time overall. Its a Rufus thing. Rufus is cranky and gets mad at things that deserve to get their ass kicked. He just didn't have the rolls to make it proper is all!

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