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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tuesday Game Reports

Well, this week was Car Wars, minus Pico whose hours changed, and Missme who has decided to leave our group without bothering to tell most of us, merely telling MagicDrew who she works with that she feels she is keeping us from playing more complicated games.

Instead of talking things out with us, and letting everyone else decide if we really mind not playing more hardcore or complex things (the answer is: we can play lighter fare no problem), I get to feel like a douche.

Not cool.

Then the rest of us proceeded onto Car Wars. As my character (using GURPS), and my 12000 dollar ride were built waay back in November sometime, 9IN and MagicDrew built their dudes and machines while I cleaned up from last week's game and reorganized my pile of Car Wars goodies.

15K to build cars and 100-120 point characters. We used my map of East Midville (The one not in most Car Wars Deluxe Boxes!) and since my character and car were already built for a previous attempt at the campaign back in the early winter, I reorganized my stuff. A couple of the plastic miniboxes and ziplocs, Pre Compendium Deluxe, And Black Book Compendium. (The LAST word in classic Car Wars!) Ok, I am leaving out Mini Car Wars, Autoduel 2nd edition, my AADA Atlases, and all of 5th edition, but its a nice pile of stuff.

The GM is borrowing some of my road section ziplocs no less! My character's car has a gunner, so I have decided he is basically the president in Idiocracy. My character's goal is to buy a Semi and kick ass on the roads of America. Which is why he has 3K left while the other players spent almost every dollar. My car has a HC of 3 which makes it much more peppy than the other players. (HC 1? OWWW) I might rebuild it though. See if I can't get an even higher HC, drop my awesome gunner with a turret machine gun, and just use my 2d Recoilless mounted on the hood. Do I really need a top speed of 120 MPH? I say no.

We had a short period to be acquainted with the rules and get used to our rides, with a test fight on one of my old maps, East Midville. Overall it went well, with actual campaign based vehicle destruction starting next week.

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