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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wednesday Game Report

This week was 2 games of 40K and some Magic as a pickup afterwards down at Sarge's.

First game was 1000 points Chaos (me) vs Orks. It was a rather brutal battle, with it turning into Ordnance Wars as every unit capable of moving was either killed or immobilized. Strangely, Gretchin Lobba Gunnerz had better morale than my Chaos Marines, who all eventually ran off board due to on their own checks. If only my light Havoc Squad had killed more Grots, only they fell to a Shokk Attack Gun which rolled boxcars, sucking them into the warp. The Ork force lost two squads of bikers Wazdakka joined and fell back with, only for him to run around and hide behind a tree till he could pop out and immobilize my Vindicator. An Iron Warriors Krak Missile trooper managed to finish off what his fellows failed to do, only to fail the aforementioned on his own check the next time he had an opportunity to do anything.

A good close game overall.

Next was 1500 Chaos with Orks (they made up after the brutal violence of the last game I guess) against 3000 Slaaneshi Chaos that used Apocalypse rules but was called due to the other Chaos player's ride leaving. We were winning, but having a handmade Ork Fighta Bomba on the field and our insanely high rolls for everything was doing sick damage anyhow. Sure, he had tons of Demons due to come in on later turns, but the Orks took Flank March meaning they were coming in from who knows where. In 2 turns of shooting and fighting I had taken out a Dreadnought, Rhino, Defiler, a Bike Squad, and still had some more to kill. Daemonettes had gotten summoned by the one remaining biker my Berserkers assaulted on turn 1 (he thought Turbo Boosting worked in Close Combat too. It does not. No invulnerable saves against angry Khorne commanders!) alongside some Raptors, yet my second Berserker squad was on their way in. And the Orks had sent a planeful of bombs on top of two Rhinos rushing in to support their fellow S&M freaks. A word of advice: Apocalypse templates are SCARY. The Fighta Bomba used a template that was effectively 4 Large Blast Templates with a 1" template in the center connecting them.

Yeah. I'm glad the Orks were on my side.

I also brought my AT-43 books which got quite a bit of interest from folks. If you bring it to the right place with the right people, different games might actually have a chance!

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