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Friday, August 1, 2008

Wednesday Game Report

Last week I made the mistake of not bringing Warhammer 40K with me as I had a scheduled AT 43 game. Last minute my opponent got called in to work. Note to self. Always bring 40K if nothing else!

This week I wised up and switched out Warmachine for 40K. One player wanted a demo of AT 43 so I ran another 1500 points basic game with a couple rules shaved off to make things simpler. I ran the Therians against the UNA. The fight went well with my units taking heavy casualties, but in the end Omega Tiamat and her ability to regenerate won the day, though it was a VERY closely fought battle.

The demo worked so well he is now buying into the game and already has close to 1500 points himself. A deal with another player for his extra starter minis and a couple purchases and he is ready to go. And we are scheduled for a possible Warhammer Fantasy game next week as I brought up how much I have wanted to play the game but never seem to get the chance.

Most other games in the last few weeks have been a bust due to scheduling. However tomorrow is Connecticon and I have been busily preparing for it. People on the Connecticon forums mentioned some interest in me running old school D&D so I am gonna bring it along again and see what happens, though given last year, I doubt it will actually happen. We shall see though. I have a nice 1000 point Tyranid list for a Warhammer 40K tournament and my 1st edition AD&D Player's Handbook in the hopes the listed game happens.

It should be fun, and it looks like there will be more time at the con this year, and less scheduling insanities than last time. I'm not trying to do 40K 2nd edition this run, and looking back I am not sure I ever really WANT to go back and play that mess again. I have a blast with 4th and now 5th edition. I have a nice little notebook with lists of what I would like to do and when they take place, and I have slowly adjusted my sleeping patterns to assist in this.

Let's go for fun times with my fellow nerds!

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