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Thursday, June 26, 2008

History and Gaming

I'm sure this has been all over the Net by now, but a short summary. In the early 90s, a spinoff from Civilization was made called Colonization. Basically being the same game shrunk a bit to cover the 1500-1800s age where Europe had colonies all over the world. Well, now they are using the Civilization 4 engine to make a new Colonization. Its been known about for a little under a month now.

This game blogger at Variety ( http://weblogs.variety.com/the_cut_scene/2008/06/civilization-iv.html?cid=120259136#comment-120259136 ) took offense to it, claiming it either glorifies the European atrocities that took place, or whitewashes it if the player chooses to not kill everyone in sight.

This is an incredibly stupid line of thinking. Dare I say it? IT IS MADE OF FAIL. (For non Netspeak people, this means it is incredibly wrong on so many levels as to be an embarrassment not only to the writer, but to anyone misfortunate enough to read it.)

While I am loathe to link to it, giving him any more readers (Like anyone who doesn't know me reads my prattle anyhow!), it had to be responded to. Because I play wargames and other games that take place in history, I had to respond to it. And will repeat my message here:

This article was horrible, a joke of your average uber left wing. Another reason the word liberal is almost a swear word these days.

Colonization is NOT genocide, abuse, and pillaging. Some of the actions colonists did certainly were however. Which in many cases these oh so honorable native tribes were doing to each other to begin with. The European colonists just did it oh so much better.

The game itself is based on history. It could get people to research and learn more on what really happened. Many games are based on history.

I am a tabletop games player. I have a game based on Vietnam. Obviously someone is controlling the NVA. It doesn't mean its glorifying or whitewashing NVA troops who put American soldiers in slave labor camps. Nor does it mean the US player is proudly dropping Napalm on innocent villages and burning, screaming children are the result.

Hell, the game actually had the approval of a Vietnam veteran's museum here in the US!

When we play Axis & Allies does it mean we are ignoring the horrible things Germany, and Japan did? Howabout Stalin whose atrocities were mostly focused on his OWN PEOPLE? What about the US and Doolittle's Raid? The A Bomb? The UK's empire of destruction?


In fact, it REMINDS us of what happened, both horrible and not, and hopefully will help us learn from the past and NEVER LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN. (Fat chance given the average amount of ignorance and lack of thinking proudly proclaimed by your average human being. And those in power just want more power, no matter the cost...)

When I play Avalon Hill's old Gettysburg game on the side of the Confederates, it doesn't mean I support slavery. In fact I despise slavery and the oppression of anyone, regardless of race, creed, color, gender, sexual preference, or religion!

Unlike you Mr. Variety blog writer, I know history, and try to learn from it. You can learn from games. Given that almost every post in this thread disagrees with you either in full or partially, I hope you learn something from history too.

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