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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gaming Update for the Last Two Weeks

Sadly, this little installment is kinda dumb. Last 2 Wednesday Sarge's runs involved big 1000 point per player 3 players per side Warhammer 40K games. Last week's one had my side lose, this week the other way around. Except we never got to actually FINISH either game, merely get through 3 or 4 turns of amusing mayhem. Both games my poor Tyranids got shuffled off in a corner, only to much some Imperial Guardsmen and get shot at quite a bit. But it was entertaining and fun and that is what matters most.

Tuesdays have been odd. Last week was MagicDrew and myself mostly shooting the breeze. This week Starfury showed up and before gametime we had to drive to Groton to do car paperwork. Who knew me selling him a 13 year old car for 200 bucks would require so much effort? But as the bank was right next to Citadel Games, we stopped in and I saw many new and out of print goodies I wanted. But being more stingy and reasonable these days I merely chose 2 issues of Autoduel Quarterly, and 2 Battle Lore Expansions. Call to Arms, which is a new system of army deployment/selection for the game, and 100 Year's War which adds more historical units to the game, most notably Polearms. I haven't had much chance to play Battle Lore itself or read the new expansion rulesbooks in depth, but they look pretty cool.

Actual gametime involved a couple games of King's Blood which is very fast and fun. Its speed Uno with a royal bloodline feel, cards that get placement on the table, and adorable manga artwork. Following that was the start of character creation for my massively houseruled AD&D 2nd edition Forgotten Realms campaign. Starfury started work on a character, MagicDrew seemed overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choice I gave everyone, and my NPC character got built rather quickly. A Mul Gladiator from Dark Sun sans Psionics or Dark Sun construction rules. I rolled some heat and have a 20 Strength. An 18 roll plus 2 for being a Mul makes for one heavy hitter. He will be the dependable NPC with the Polearm rampaging about Phlan's seedier areas in the days before the Time of Troubles.

But more AD&D 2nd edition stuff will follow in another post. I am houseruling like a maniac. Its closer to Basic D&D, but with as many AD&D options as I feel like using.

And people claim only OD&D is the D&D for do it yourself rules tinkers!

Now if Troll Lord Games would hurry up with Castles & Crusades Castle Keeper's Guide I could have my ideal D&D without having to make it myself.

But I need lots of race and class options that right now 2nd ed provides without the annoying stuff I hate in 3.x.

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