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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Connecticon Wrap Up Report Part 2!

Finishing it up!


I hope everyone enjoyed this comic! Its been a while since I really went all out on a strip, and its so satisfying to create something, especially if other people like it too!


SpotWeld said...

Good wrap up of the con. Glad you like the game of Werewolves of Miller's Hollow I had a blast running it.

Captain Rufus said...

I just wished I could have gotten in another game or two, but there was so much to do I had to head on to the next thing!

I missed a couple panels I would have liked to go to that I was up for just because they would conflict with something else.

While I would have LOVED to run Basic Dungeons & Dragons there was honestly little time for me to actually do it during con hours. A shame that the people who asked to play on the forums this year didn't call me on my cellphone. I had it on every time I wasn't sleeping. It might have been fun to run it in the Starbucks lounge or even as an insanely nerdy room party!

One gamer stated they looked in the RPG room for me a couple of times, but I was never there.


I did so last year, and it basically cost me 2 hours of con time doing nothing. Hell, last year trying to run a Warhammer 40K 2nd edition game as a semi official thing cost me a good 6 hours and wasn't anything resembling fun. (And wasn't even finished as a semi local friend called to hang out and grab a bite to eat with us. Then 15 minutes after we started to pack up from what was basically a disaster he called back to cancel the plans. Yeah.)

This year time was scheduled much better for actually DOING stuff. And getting to talk with a lot of great people.

I just still didn't have all the time I needed!

SpotWeld said...

I'm not sure if I mentioned this while were we playing Werewolves, but I run the gaming rooms at another con here in CT that will be going on this October.

Can I interest you in running a few games?

Captain Rufus said...

Another con in CT? I didn't even know there was another one, outside of Ellis Con!

SpotWeld said...

Well, in all fairness, it's not a gaming convention and it still rather small, so it may have been under your radar.


Captain Rufus said...

I don't do the fur thing, so I shall have to pass.

SpotWeld said...

No worries. It's not everyone's thing.

While were on the subject, you did know about ConnCon, right?

Captain Rufus said...

No, I did not. But as I only have a small amount of vacation time every year and Stamford is a bit far away from me (I am closer to Providence than I am Hartford nearly!) its probably not doable.

As is I am debating to join the Camarilla and join in a Changeling LARP that is really close to my house. Ill have to use vacation days to play, and won't get more than 1-2 games a season!

The Hartleys said...

How fun! Loved the webblogphotocomic thing! Was happy to have a cameo in it!



Captain Rufus said...

Hey! Because of you we got to meet even more cool people to talk to and such. You brought the radness and whatnot!

And now I have the Changeling book, so curse you getting me to buy it!

Apparently MagicDrew was gonna buy it to replace his dying copy, but I got to the nearest Borders before he did!


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