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Thursday, August 21, 2008

My AD&D 2nd House Rules Part 1 - Attributes

This post will probably be updated over the coming weeks, provided the campaign actually happens.

As mentioned, 2nd edition is being used because there is SO MUCH available for it, and its flexible enough to make it do basically what I want to do.

The foundation is really more Basic D&D than AD&D however. My actual goal is for these house rules to be the primary rules referred to in active play. Its effectively shrinking D&D to a DM screen level of actual required rules, with the books mostly reference for equipment, what a class or race can do, the spell lists, ect.

As I put in my house rules, I will try to explain why I am doing it like this.

For attributes we will use Basic D&D stats for bonuses.

Since we will be going over 18, I had to decide how I wanted the further values to go..

Attribute Number Modifier STR Weight Allowances
3 -3 6/8
4-5 -2 11/17
6-8 -1 30/60
9-12 None 45/90
13-15 +1 55/115
16-17 +2 80/150
18-19 +3 130/210
20-21 +4 180/260
22-23 +5 235/310
24-25 +6 335/410

Note: For Single Class characters with level limits the modifier adds that many additional levels to the limit.

With my allowances for other races and such, I had to allow the higher stats. This will affect the individual attributes quite a bit. Not to mention the chart above is the foundation of my house rules. Everything depends on the little chart. Its also great because it streamlines the slow and confusing chart hell AD&D had. Plus none of that FIGHTERS ONLY stat stuff. Fighters get Weapon Specialization and Mastery to make up for it.

Modifier used for To Hit and Damage.
Strength Value cross referenced with Light Encumbrance value in Players Option: Combat & Tactics for maximum carried weight with no penalties, and maximum weight limits with half move penalties.

This is SIMPLE, FAST, and logical. The Light Encumbrance weight is what could logically be carried around in dangerous situations without causing much affect on the adventurer. Armor is going to be the arbiter of what your actual movement is. Its weight counts against total gear carried as well. I had to eyeball and average the weights from the Combat & Tactics chart to fit my stat levels. This will also allow for the logical times people need to carry their buddies out of danger and other such things. All the other stuff is really irrelevant or can just be done via a stat check on a D20 with difficulty modifiers. (Bend Bars, Lift Gates, Open Doors. Cheap wooden door? Roll equal or under STR on a D20 with a minus 4 to your roll. Slam open a giant metal door? +6 to your roll. Ill explain more on this later on.)

Reaction Adjustment Ignored. Missile Attack and Armor Class Adjustment as chart above. Modifier also counts when character acts in combat.

Its simple again. The combat part will be explained in my combat section. But the short of it is Intitiative will be per side. However in each side you act based on your Dexterity Modifier. This mostly matters for my simplified spellcasting time rule.

Only counts for Hit Point modifier and maximum number of negative HP a character can take before dying.

Again, its simple. There is none of that extra stuff to deal with. No Raise Dead in my campaign because its unrealistic and stupid. Only Wishes or Reincarnation will bring someone back.

Number of extra languages and number of extra Nonweapon Proficiencies at First Level.

Again, SIMPLE.

Modifier affects Magic Spell saving throw, and single bonus Divine spell per level. (Modifier number means what is the maximum spell level the Priest class spell user gains one bonus spell of. So a +3 means that Cleric has one extra First, Second, and Third level spell.)

This is just fast, simple, and happy.

Modifier affects Reaction Adjustment if being used.

This one doesn't affect my game as Reaction Adjustment or Morale won't be used anyhow. Its something I would prefer to roleplay or logic out.

As you can see, I pretty much stuck to what Basic D&D used in Attribute bonuses, but with some nods to how AD&D does it.
I think the stats can be quickly memorized plus what they are good for.

That was pretty simple. Next time: Character Generation

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