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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Welcoming new folks to my blog!

With Connecticon over and my various attempts at promoting my blog I might as well make this a new hello sort of thing!

If anyone wants to see my collected photocomics, http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/transformers-funnies/136375-toyniverse-plot.html has them as they currently are. Forgive the odd errors in grammar or spelling you find. The earlier strips were done and the original Comic Life Deluxe files were deleted, meaning I would have to redo entire pages to fix one spelling error or expand a single text bubble. These days I try to keep the original files so if I see any serious mistakes I can fix them.

I try to edit myself better too.

On this here blog you will find reposts of various forum postings I make, reposts from my old 1up.com blog, various bits of semi emo whining, reports of what hobby games I played recently, along with musings on games, game design, and nerd topics in general.

I don't take gaming seriously. I take having FUN serious however. By that I mean playing a game and having a good time is the alpha, omega, and epsilon (or the Larry, Moe, and Curly if you will..) of why I game. Winning or losing isn't the point. Gaming let's me use my imagination and do things I could never do in reality.

For those of you into comic books, remember the old Sam Keith comic, "The Maxx"? There was a rather well loved section where our hero is doing some epic pose that goes into some way cool attack with the comment "For her, I can be.. A HERO!!".

Its kind of like that.

I also say nobody should be offended if I make fun of someone's favorite game or favorite creator or whatnot. I don't generally do it to be mean, its just my opinion. Hell, it would blow my mind if someone took my loser ass opinions and actually cared about them! Even in the niche interests I have, I tend to be the misfit.

The misfit of misfits!

It is what happens when you mostly grow up by yourself and spend a lot of time getting into things because you want to, and nobody else you know does all that much. Or you become the guy who gets everyone else to try whatever dumb ass new game you saw this week.

I turned quite a few people on my ship in the Navy on to Magic. I remember one guy told me "I thought Magic was just going to be ANOTHER stupid game you were showing off". He then became the type to buy 100 dollar rares.

I am like that. I get people turned on to games. I try to promote gaming. I spend entirely too much money on gaming. Even if by RPG.net's standards I am a cheap bastard who is TAKING MONEY FROM CREATOR'S POCKETS by refusing to buy new editions or complaining about 50 dollar full color hardbacks even though a 30 dollar black and white softback is all I need. (Though I would be happy to pay 35 for a nice spiral bound book. Too bad my only choices in that category is Basic Fantasy and Aeon/Trinity.)

But I love this stuff and I love promoting it. (Even if my dreams of getting gamers in Southeastern Connecticut to game and network and communicate with each other has proven to be an utter failure.) I got Rackham's AT-43 started at Sarge's Comics and I am already pimping Asmodee's Hell Dorado even if Asmodee itself doesn't want to release it in English. DUDES. ITS 14-15th CENTURY SPANISH CONQUISTADORS INVADING HELL FOR JESUS.

The concept sells itself. And the miniatures just add to it. Trust me. Go to the Hell Dorado website. Even in French its easy to find your way around. Go look at the miniatures and the preview figures. The monsters and demons are the stuff nightmares are made of. The Saracens are the Arabian Nights come to life. Their versions of historical figures both real and legendary are amazing.

See? There I go again. So many good games to play. And so many good ones to buy! I really can't write all that well. I really can't draw. I don't exactly have a movie star's looks. I don't have a golden tongue for talking. I don't have musical talent. But I can let some of the ideas in my head flow forth instead of just being dreams that don't get to be shared. I can use my imagination for something at least. Even if few people see it.

So you fine readers can expect to see house rules, musings on games, and even the odd photocomic story. Everything I come up with is mine, though if credit is provided I would love to see it used and spread around. Or hell, even turned to something that does not suck.

Feel free to post comments on my stuff. Feel free to contact me.

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