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Thursday, January 29, 2009

BEST. COMIC. EVER. (Plus Blog Update Stuff)


And its a fan comic. Its the second part of a 2 part series (links can be found within the actual post) that pretty much has almost everyone from DC comics showing up in some form.

Its great, and if you have a soul you should read this.

(EDIT: With Scans Daily currently down you may find the creator's work at: http://the-blackcat.deviantart.com/ )

And then wonder why DC isn't offering the creator gobs of money to print his or her amazingly fun, funny, and cute comics in a proper dead tree format.

Those of you interested in my RPG project don't worry! February will continue my work on the Adamythryl Engine. Painting my wee Elven ships for Uncharted Seas comes first, but the starter fleet should be done Monday night.

I wanna play more City of Heroes till the middle of the month when my sub runs out and I can go back to playing some other videogame of some form and shape. (Currently Arc the Lad 2 on the PS1. Unlike a certain modern overpriced system, the Playstation 2 plays all my PS1 games, and in a generally improved way to the original machine.)

I know I haven't been blogging a ton lately, but the winter blahs plus holiday hell, and the vast variety of projects and interests I have keeps me from really devoting a ton of time to any single one.

But I average at least a post a week here, and given the small amount of readership I have, its not my number one priority, though it is on my mind quite a bit. I could post more "HEY I DID THIS TODAY" stuff like I did early on in my blog, but its mostly stupid, nobody cares, and in some cases I was being nicer about game sessions than I should have been as the annoying parties in some of those early 08 games were actually reading this. When I really shoulda been talking about how badly they ruined that week's session. (As it stands I am not likely to ever play Hero Quest ever again, and its caused me to take a long break from Lord of the Rings Miniatures. People ruined my experiences in those games THAT BAD. Though in LotR's case I still really love the game itself.)

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