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Friday, January 9, 2009

A Quick Reminder!

The current sections of the Adamythryl Engine are the boring parts of an RPG I as a reader usually ignore. The lists of skills, powers, and equipment. The part the munchkins read in their endless quest to make RPGs less fun for everyone by breaking it.

These list sections below, and the ones that are to come will be updated at multiple times even after I post them, so feel free to go back and look at them again from time to time. Or don't and wait for the inevitable alpha playtest version in a fancy PDF format. Now with 25% less randomly capitalized words and 25% more consistent term usage!

Edit: Skill list should now be as complete as I really need it to be. I will probably end up adding more skills as needed, but I think I have a good list so far. Next week it should be time for Talents! Optional Rules section updated on 21 JAN.

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