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Monday, January 26, 2009

Oath Update for February challenge!

My Elven fleet is coming along swimmingly, outside of the blotchy bits on the sails I had to touch up thanks to the spraypaint preferring to stick to the paper as opposed to the sail.


I'm probably gonna give them an Elf Grey drybrush, followed up by a blue wash. Then paint the nose art in a simple color (probably followed by a black wash), paint the sail masts blue, then maybe use some Eldar decals on the various ships to denote squadrons.


I gave a drybrush with old mid 90s Lightning Bolt Blue and I kind of like how it came out. (Right front unbrushed to show me the difference.) I might give the ships a black wash over that.

The sails obviously need the masts painted, probably in Foundation Mordian Blue and then that LB Blue over it. A little Foundation Yellow around the edges, and probably some simple symbols on the sails, plus maybe painting the nose art in a single color for squadron ID and I will be done.

Probably by next week I will be done with my oath!

But I am already ahead of the game with my boats, and I am enjoying the rules so far. I should be playing in February after our group's run of AT 43 takes a pause.

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