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Saturday, January 3, 2009

I've got a playtest adventure idea in mind for my game system!

Which I am now calling the Adamythryl Engine! (Ooh... FANCY! And there are no Google hits for the name! And only a few for another spelling of it. Funny, I thought I made that unimaginative metal up when I was 13-15 or so!)

But here is a teaser for the first adventure:

"We Can't Stop Here, This Is Goblin Country!"

In a post armageddon Earth where the foul forces of the child of Tiamat, Vedaan has been defeated, the fantasy world of Narfindor merged with Earth, as if it was destined to all along. Now 2 years later people are slowly coming to grips with their altered world.

In Las Vegas a tribe of the formerly nomadic desert warriors known as Orcs have decided they like this civilization and money thing. The formerly subservient but cruel Goblins learned quickly that lots of submachine guns make up for any strength advantage the more balanced Orcs may have once held. Warmaster Duggie with the help of his "Big Camel" has brought Vegas back under the control of the Mob, run by him. (Dissenters get fed to the camel. Who is not a camel. Nobody who has met it has returned to tell the tale.) In one of the early battles a major warlord sent to quell the Goblin rebellion was knocked out and heavily injured. Waking up near a pirate themed casino he remade himself into Hooked Pete the Pirate, and reforged his soldiers into dune buggy driving privateers, taking a number of casinos for themselves.

The Goblins control most of the city, and have Trolls stationed at the Hoover Dam all but controlling power. However without a steady supply of everything the jewel of the desert will fail, and while Mobster Goblins won't keep gamblers away, the lack of supplies due to Orc land piracy will!

An uneasy peace has been forged, but both sides want the satisfaction and honor of controlling the entire town.

The players join in here for whatever reason. Are they working for Vizier Araj Val who wishes to see the Orcish people continue to be mercenaries and travellers, embarrassed at what some of his people have become?

Are they journalists sent to report on this strange new state of being for what has always been one of the biggest freakshows in America?

Are they simply travelers who have heard about the tiger patterned Mer exotic dancer whose beauty and movements helped make Duggie's casino the king of the Strip?

Are they special operatives sent by a US government stretched to its limit after fighting demons, monsters, and dealing with the kinds of racial friction one would expect from having people from a fantasy world appear out of nowhere after what many thought was the end of the world?

In the post Armageddon Earth, anything is possible!

Starring our pregenerated cast of explorers:
Father Tim Greyson, a pistol packing Priest who saw things during the war that made him question how he followed his beliefs.

Tyrone Williams, who thought his mean streets were filled with terror and violence until he saw monsters, and saw that unity could bring people together.

Mary Flanaghan, a school teacher who learned that even the creatures that gave her students nightmares could be defeated by a little faith, and a BIG hammer!

Josh Garcia, an ex Coast Guardsman who still has survivor's guilt for the fall of Los Angeles.

Tracy Wagner, a college art student "finding herself" after a vampire coven decided her school wasn't going to get back to normal after the war.

I would say more, but then I would be spoiling more than I already am!

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