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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Sales Equal More Gaming Cheap!

Yeah.  Thanks to holiday sales and clearances I have gotten massive piles of stuff.

Hot Monkey Luvvin

This is close to 400 dollars of AT 43 Karmans. I paid? 104 with shipping. 60 Dollar King Mammoths for 10 bucks. 30 dollar infantry boxes for 7.

(Not shown: Gifts for friends. 70 dollar Confrontation starter box for 10. 20-25 dollar attachment boxes for the units in the box for 3.)

Yeah.  From the now discontinued Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd edition.  Each of these books was 5 bucks a pop.  Normally they retailed for 25-40 bucks each.

This one is less a sale and more a clearance thing at Target.  For 10 bucks a boxed package with 10 Star Wars Pocketmodel TCG packs in it.  Normally these things went for 5-6 dollars each.  And here I get 2 Clone Wars, 2 Order 66, and 6 Ground Assault Packs.  Obviously for TV tie in, the 2 Clone Wars packs were the only ones visible in the window on the box, but that's ok.  10 dollars is a STEAL.  If there are more of these boxes left I will probably end up buying 1 a week till they all get sold.  I never really bought any Ground Assault boosters when it was a new set (as I mainly got them to use as cheap ships for Silent Death) so it will all be new to me.  And there are a few ship models in the Ground Assault Wave.  Plus, the ground models could make nice use in 6mm games.

This here is 98 dollars worth of Palladium RPG books (including one book thats LONG out of print, the Rifter #1.  Its not even available to buy!) from their annual Christmas Grab Bag deal.  You put in various things you would like and if you want signatures from the creative team, and they pick from it and give you stuff.  The price?  37 plus shipping.  So roughly 50 dollars for 100 dollars of goodies based on what you tell them you would like.  The A Plus is some ancient late 70s comic old Kevvy S contributed to back in the day which is pretty neat.  And getting Rifter 1 is totally awesome.  I know Palladium does some stupid things and the rules kind of blow chunks, but hot damn if the art and fluff don't rule.  And this Grab Bag every year is fantastic.  Last day they do it is the 21st of December so if you want some cool things cheap its well worth it!  They give you great selections of goodies.  In previous years I have gotten hardback printer's proofs editions of rulesbooks, neat little sketches for signatures, and a great value for the dollar every year.

Plus if enough people mentioned how they would love to see a better rule system in the comments section, maybe Palladium would listen.  As it is, Siembieda might realize he isn't always right as opposed to him just listening to himself and the yes man fanboy cult that are on his forums.  You can buy some great idea filled books, AND maybe help change the company for the better.

I don't have pictures, but Lulu.com of the Print on Demand publishing fame has a great sale going on too. Put HOHOHO in the coupon type field and get 20% off anything you order.  A great time to try out a small press RPG, buy new issues of the Fight On and Knockspell old school D&D fanzines, and such.

I grabbed Ruins & Ronin, a Samurai style offshoot of the excellent Swords & Wizardry OD&D retroclone, X-Plorers which is an old school RPG inspired Sci Fi RPG, and the first supplement book, Galactic Troubleshooters #1.  Saved 6.50 which is like getting my shipping free.  If I had more cash to burn I would have grabbed Cartoon Action Hour 2nd edition, and the last year's worth of Fight On magazines.  Which I probably should have since the books I ordered are all cheap as chips to begin with, being 10-12 dollars.

(Also not shown: 34 dollars for a 50 dollar Uncharted Seas fleet and extra cash off some blisters.  I now have myself the Bone Griffons Undead fleet.  With GIANT.  ZOMBIE.  WHALES.)

But some of you may be rightly wondering how I can afford all this silly fun I don't need.

Well, because as I have mentioned, I have been selling stuff I don't need or want anymore, mostly at a profit.  In some cases 400% profit.

Right now these guys are up on the bay with 300+ viewers, and 7 people watching it (plus at least one person trying to get me to sell it to them a little under what I have as a minimum bid.  Which is still a small profit given what I paid for it mind you, but a bit away from what I should get for it!) meaning I might have some more funny money to maybe clear out my Amazon wishlist:

Tau For Sale

Yeah. 720 dollars worth of Warhammer 40,000 Tau. Like the Orks, I just don't enjoy playing them. And considering I spent maybe 300 bucks total on them, I think I can get some nice spending money. I could use some new winter tires and glasses anyhow.

After these guys sell, both my Warhammer Fantasy armies go up. That game has barely any local players, and I just don't have fun with it. The friends who were getting into the game with me so we could ease our way in all basically bailed on it. So why not sell them and get some useful goodies? Besides, Arcane Legions fits my Fantasy miniatures block warfare needs better than Fantasy ever did!

And one final thought. Some of these products above are from clearance sales as they are no longer in print. (In AT-43's case there are rumors that even though its doing well in the US it's days may be numbered...)

I say: "So?". Does a game magically stop being fun when a new edition comes out or the game itself is discontinued? Are we such consumer whores we NEED a constant stream of new product to play the game? Are we just afraid other people will quit playing? (Mainly because they are STUPID mind you..)

Hell, I don't care if AT 43 is cancelled tomorrow! It means the game is relatively balanced and new editions and supplements won't mangle things up like every new Warhammer 40K codex or rules edition does, seemingly just to make people buy more crap. (My Tyranids might become unplayable with the new book due in January. I certainly don't want to have to buy new models to be competitive, or because my army build is now made illegal or obsolete. I LIKE my Genestealer invasion army dammit! Genestealers, Lictors, Spore Mines, and Ripper Swarms. Its fluffy and fun to play. Its effective but nowhere near broken. If anything its hobbling me compared to most Tyranid armies!)

I have 4 AT 43 armies that are all decently sized. Going OOP would just mean I buy more stuff at clearance prices. As long as I have people willing to play the game with me, I don't even NEED other people to buy stuff! It just becomes a board game. A really elaborate one. And since when have people needed board games to have endless expansions?

(Well, at least until Fantasy Flight Games pretty much made it a standard instead of somewhat unusual..)

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