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Thursday, December 17, 2009

AT-43 Comic Battle Report: Karmans vs Therians

More gaming battle report comics from me! This time it is AT 43. With luck my descriptions of the rules are correct. Either way we had fun, and its a good way to show the basics of how the game works compared to 40K. I am not quite sure what those little grey side bubbles are coming from, I think its a flaw in the current version of Comic Life.

It never did that till the most recent update.





We tried to run a demo game at Arkham Asylum, but there was only one table shunted off in the arcade game room, making a demo pointless since nobody would SEE us playing, we would have been limited to about 1:45 to set up, play, and clean up, and it would have been a half table which is TOO small for a game. So I decided it was best to just go have dinner with friends, then go play a more satisfying game at MagicDrew's place. Plus I could say hi to Bebe the dog:

Bebe is an awesome friendly dog. Friendly without jumping all over you, and not trying to munch your stuff. But don't leave food on the floor!

(And don't forget Merlin the big fuzzy kitty.)

We had to call for time, but at the end point I was winning, but MagicDrew could easily turn it around with a little luck. I couldn't repair either of my AFVs, and I didn't have much infantry left.

With luck we can get more AT-43 in on a regular basis. Playing again after so many months reminds me how superior it is to Warhammer 40K, and not by a company so horrible and abusive as Games Workshop is.

Edit thanks to the guys at the official AT-43 forums:

But there was a big rules gaffe. Tiamat when she Body Hacks, replaces the ENTIRE unit with an Overseer. If she dies and the Therian player has an LP left the closest Therian unit with an Overseer gets bumped or Tiamat won't show up again.

Very "Matrix" agent she is. Course the Therians have a serious Matrix robots vibe about them so I wouldn't doubt if it wasn't a major influence on the army design.  Hmm.. netspeaking Agent Smith.  That amuses me for some reason.  Would have been amusing to see in sequels to the Matrix.  Which they NEVER MADE.  Nope.  Just one cool movie and a neat cartoon anthology, yup...


Christian said...

Right on. Looks like a great game and yet another epic Comic Life presentation!

Captain Rufus said...

Thanks for the kind comments!


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