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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Red Rockets Return!

Or: What do you do when your big Arcane Legions game you spent an hour or so prepping for the night before fails to happen because one of your players and his army can't show up?

Well, Battletech!  Its always good when you want a semi quick miniatures game.  Provided you don't play with tons of mechs per player anyhow.

And what better time for an untold tale of those wacky Red Rockets?

(Click the picture to view normal size.)

I'm so proud of Magicdrew.  We will turn him into a wargamer yet!  Of course it was my utterly awesome training games from 07-08 thereabouts that did it naturally.  I am a good teacher of hobby games.  Even if I get Vindicators and Enforcer models confused sometimes.

(Note to self: Vindicators have funny things on their heads and Enforcers do not.)

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