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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Battletech Session Report and Operation Don't Buy So Much Dammit Part 5

Its kind of a repeat of last time, except in this case 20 dollars from an ebay seller who was local (and not even a seller I was getting RPG bits from, it was something for the mighty Amiga 500!) netted me decent condition RPG books.

I got the first 2 Dragonlance modules (covering the first half or so of "Dragons of Autumn Twilight"), both Red Book Basic D&D rulesbooks, AD&D Adventure Pack 1, Basic D&D B11 King's Festival, and GDQ 1-7 Queen of the Spiders collected version with map booklet.  The stuff isnt mint or anything, but usable complete editions.  I gave my DL loving friend the 2 DL books since I already have the late 80s-early 90s 3 book collected version.  I called it an early birthday gift.  I could have gotten T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil too, but I already have it, and its sought after enough he deserves to get more money for it than I would for a poorer condition version of a module I already own.  He says he has more stuff.  I so hope he has the Dragonlance Wargame module especially.  Loved playing the computer wargame version SSI made for the old 8 bit era computers back in the day.

So between that and the Cthulhu Dice quickie game I picked up last week another 25 bucks has been spent, bringing the year's gaming expenditures to 274, putting me in the Silver category, 226 bucks from being in the Bronze.

And of course the Battletech game we played today at Arkham.  Cool bit?  The seller used to play the game and showed some interest in possibly joining us sometime!

(Edit. And it was an Enforcer not a Vindicator as Lepus' ride. I think I have Dsylexia when it comes to those two mediums.)


Todd R said...

New to your blog and have spent some time reading several entries and want to comment on some of what I've seen.
1. Complety dig your AAR format. Creative and a big differentiator.

2. Your post about the massive detail the CBT goes into is spo on for me. I started down the road of playing CBT, but was turned off after all the record keeping, and all the modifiers you must track during play. I like the universe and the depth, but golly Martha, it was all a bit overwhelming. And I wasn't confident about the possibilities of local opponents, painting minis, etc. I enjoyed, somewhat the quick play rules you can download free, but those about maxed me out. I bought the intro set and a couple of the playbooks, but put them away in favor of:

3. ASL. I know, almost as complicated, but the theme is such a big draw and the community is a tad easier for me to get into. I'm actaully just in the SK right now, but who knows how far it will go.

4. As far as finding players, here's a link to the New England ASLers:


Captain Rufus said...

Some of the things you keep track of can be helped by counters (as seen in this report), but yeah, there is an awful lot of things to pay attention to.

Thanks for that ASL link! I've got the Starter Kits myself, but have never had a chance to actually play the game, and my local players never were capable of playing it.


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